EASY LIFE: A businessman went broke to please the singer Camellia


A businessman from Berkovitsa, who got close to Kamelia at the dawn of her career, went broke to please her.

Although the story takes place in the 1990s, the 57-year-old Petar Tsvetkov-Pero spent more than 100,000 marks to financially support his girlfriend, their mutual acquaintances from the chalgat probing in our country reveal, BulNews writes.

The one-time millionaire in foreign exchange literally reached a beggar’s stick during the period of his close association with the singer. Before becoming a Barovets, Pero earned his living as a waiter in the Hunting House in Berkovitsa. Immediately after the fall of the Iron Curtain, he managed to reach Germany through the Czech Republic.

After a few years, he returns to his hometown with thick tufts. He ran several businesses in Berkovitsa, Montana and the region, with his biggest profits coming from the trade in used cars.

At that time, the future pop star was adorned with the crown of “Miss Montana”. It is also the attraction in the program of the largest local restaurant. Perot sees her in the restaurant and knows from the first moment that this is the girl of his dreams.

The two of them hit it off in full swing. Pero pampers the vocal blonde from Chiprovtsi with culinary feasts, buys her jewelry and designer outfits and gives her expensive gifts.

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