Did Harry Styles make a mistake with his drastic look change?


The new look of Harry Styles has excited the social networks. Already this past week, fans have reacted violently to the “As It Was” singer’s changed appearance.

The mystery surrounding Harry Styles’ tattoo

The mystery is complete

The 29-year-old singer officially debuted a near-shaved head at the official party in London to launch the new fragrance of his perfume brand Pleasing.

And subsequently, a photo he shared on the brand’s Instagram account sparked tons of comments and reactions from fans.

Some of them like Harry’s new look, while others consider it a mistake that he said goodbye to his popular curls. But still, most are sure to still dream of Styles, with or without his signature locks, and are adamant that his star still shines brightly.

Harry Styles’ eccentric style and hair have always been seen as one, ever since his One Direction debut in 2010. The singer has worn it in a variety of ways over the years, including shoulder-length.

Another victim of fan aggression

A new trend did not go unnoticed by Harry Styles

Styles’ stylist Ayae Yamamoto, who takes care of his stage look, knows very well the power that each thing has on the star’s supporters. “Fans are partial even to his hair,” she tells People. “And whenever I get good comments about his hair, I’m very happy.”

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