Stefania Koleva and Margarita Hranova are looking for where the love ran away

Stefania Koleva and Margarita Hranova are looking for where the love ran away
Stefania Koleva and Margarita Hranova are looking for where the love ran away

The new song is to the music of Ivan Krastev, whose melodies also performed by Julio Iglesias

Actress Stefania Koleva sang a duet with Margarita Hranova. The two recorded the song “Where did love run away from?” And the author of the music is Ivan Krastev, whose melodies are performed by world star Julio Iglesias. The text is by Dzina Dundova-Pancheva. This is another song from the “Singing Artists” project, which was realized by Igor Markovski. And like all the other tracks, it will also be with a video, in which the main role is entrusted to Vladimir Lyutskanov.

The song will debut on November 20, three days later – on the 23rd, it will be performed live in hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture. Stefania Koleva and Margarita Hranova will participate with her in the second edition of the “Singing Artists” concert. That same evening, both on stage and on the air for the first time, Nasko from B.T.R. will perform “Edinstvena”. It is to the music of Krasi Gyulmezov, and the text is by the TV host Kosyo Filipov. This is not his first appearance as a lyricist. Orlin Goranov’s song “And” is also his.

Of all the 25 pieces included in the setlist of the concert, only three are familiar to the audience, all the rest are completely new and will be performed for the first time. Macedonian artist Igor Angelov, whom Bulgarian viewers know as Sater from the film “In the heart of the machine” and from his participation in “With a river of the heart”, will appear in front of the audience. If he manages to get a visa, the Egyptian singer Mohamed Azima will also arrive to sing a duet with Simeon Vladov “Love does not tolerate begging”.

The concert will be a great emotion for the audience, because a bunch of big Bulgarian stars will gather in one place. Miro and Koina Ruseva will sing “On High”. Among the new “singing artists” is Kalin Vrachanski. Margarita Hranova will do another duet – with Iskra Radeva. And Albena Mihova, Petya Dikova and Lyuba Pashova will appear as a trio. Daniel Tsochev, Maya Bezhanska, Vili and Krasi Gyulmezovi are also on the long list of participants.

The songs will be played to the accompaniment of 75 musicians under the baton of Georgi Miltiadiov.

For the first time at a concert, the autocue will be turned towards the audience so that they too can invite the artists on stage.

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