Precious Wilson arrived in Bulgaria: Disco songs make people feel better (PHOTOS)


“I don’t take things for granted and the fact that I’m still in show business”, the singer is categorical

The star of the 80s and 90s Precious Wilson, who gained her greatest fame as part of the group “Eruption”, has arrived in Bulgaria again.

This time her visit to our country is because of her participation, which will take place tonight in the capital club “Yalta”.

Precious promised that she only chose hits and well-known and loved songs for her set list. The disco wave, which is coming back with a new force, will once again conquer the home audience.

The last time Precious was in Bulgaria was less than a year ago, when he had an appearance on the square in Burgas on New Year’s Eve. Then she even took up dancing and really enjoyed herself.

And her first visit to our country dates back to the 70’s at the “Golden Orpheus”.

“I didn’t plan to be a singer. My whole musical career has been a series of coincidences, although there are no coincidences. I didn’t plan anything,” the singer said today at a press conference.

“I never imagined that I would have such a career. It’s a privilege to have this job and this hobby. We even share stories with fans. For example, when someone tells me how he met his wife on the song “One way ticket” and it becomes a common bond between us,” shared the singer.

She also gave her explanation of why this disco genre is so resistant to time and so relevant to this day.

“I started my career in the 70s. That time was special for me and music in general. It all started before the Internet era. Disco is a very human music. There was no Instagram and Facebook then, it was worth your time and come listen to you. We didn’t have the technical means that they have now. The songs were real, there were backing vocals, and the choruses themselves people could just sing along to. Every song had a positive story and made people feel better good. It didn’t matter where you lived – whether in the West or in the East. The humanizing power of music knew no boundaries,” she confided.


“I don’t take things for granted and the fact that I’m still in show business,” the singer is categorical, who is willing and happy to sign autographs and take pictures with every fan.

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