Remember the guy next to Lily? He gave away the big secret

Remember the guy next to Lily? He gave away the big secret
Remember the guy next to Lily? He gave away the big secret

Extremely interesting things were told by a very close person of Lili Ivanova, related to the distant times of the sotsa.

Lili Ivanova’s passport, in which the pop star is 3 years younger, was issued so that she could participate in a competition in Chile. This is what the musician Zdravko Radoev told “Telegraf” on the eve of his 85th anniversary.

He is the person who first started working with the future star even before she became famous and saw her first personal documents.

Therefore, the maestro put an end to the mystery that has troubled music lovers for three decades – what is the real age of the Eternal Amber of the native stage.

“I was born in the 38th year, and Lily is younger than me by only five months, i.e. she will be 85 next year in April,” Radoev categorically told “Telegraf”.

Years ago, the primate’s third husband – Yancho Takov, revealed that he personally took her passport because of the festival in Chile, in which there was a condition that the participants be under 30 years old.

Since our musical pride had already transferred to them, it was necessary to rejuvenate it in the documents. That is where the legend begins, which Zdravko Radoev has now shattered:

“In the foreign passports that were issued to us, we filled in our data ourselves, without checking whether they were real or not, because they had nothing to do with the Bulgarian ones.

They were valid for the given commitment and had a validity period of 1 or 2 years and specified where you could go – for example, the standard ones were for Europe, Asia and the Middle East, you couldn’t go to America.

Accordingly, visas were also issued with these passports – in order to enter Italy, Greece or Germany, you had to be issued a visa. At the time, Lea also had such a passport – and she wrote a later date to leave younger.

These passports are valid once, they are not an official document. We officially had Bulgarian passports. They were investigating by name whether to let you in or not, no one cares where and when you were born. They were looking at what was in the archives of the Ministry of the Interior, whether you were trustworthy, whether you would run away.”

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