Pop folk fury lost a lot of money

Pop folk fury lost a lot of money
Pop folk fury lost a lot of money

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Pop folk star Magda lost 20 thousand after her latest project failed. The beautiful performer shared the news first with her followers.


“Unfortunately, my duet song will not be a fact. I’m sorry that I made you wait so long,” she wrote in her personal profile on the network. To a team of the “Telegraph” newspaper, the singer explained the reasons for the failed project: “I made enough compromises in my projects over the years, I can’t afford it anymore. The truth is, the video for the duet doesn’t live up to my expectations.”


The singer has been working on the duet piece for several months. It is about a song with the young singer Sandra. The track was fast and rhythmic and was expected to become a hit due to its fresh rhythms. Everything was ready a long time ago, the song was recorded, a video was shot. Everything seemed to be going according to plan, but after Magda saw the finished video for the song, she was adamant that it would not be released.

Most of the star’s fans on the web supported her for the decision and wished her success in her upcoming new songs. The artist hastened to make them happy that she is already working on a new song and will repay her fans with an even better song, and very soon.

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