“Crickets” celebrated 55 years of “Apolonia” last night

“Crickets” celebrated 55 years of “Apolonia” last night
“Crickets” celebrated 55 years of “Apolonia” last night

“Apolonia” celebrated the 55th anniversary of the rock band “Crickets” last night, BTA reported. The eighth festival night ended with a concert from the “Foundation” tour “The Crickets” at 55″. The musicians from the “Foundation”, supported by Valdi Totev and Georgi Markov, performed some of the emblematic hits of the legendary rock band.

The packed audience at the seaside town’s amphitheater were treated to some of the Crickets’ most popular hits from the band’s founding years in 1967 to the present day. Some of the songs included in the program were “XX Century”, “The Horseman”, “Oath”, “Taste of Time”, “Veselina”, “Two Traces” and others.

Between the songs, the frontman of the band – Kiril Marichkov, told funny incidents from the long history of the band. He expressed his gratitude to the audience, as, in his words, it was thanks to them that they remained on stage for these 55 years.

Kiril Marichkov told BTA how his colleagues from the “Foundation” enrich the sound of the classic hits of “Crickets”. “Some songs start to take on a new life that way. Some of them we do with acoustic guitars, others are in their original form, as they were with “Crickets”. But in any case, I’m happy because I see that people know these songs – they remember them, they sing them along with us, and what’s better than that?” said the “cricket”.

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