I cried when I heard this record

I cried when I heard this record
I cried when I heard this record

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Andrea went back in time and revealed to her followers the story surrounding the start of her music career.

The pop folk star shared interesting details about the creation of her debut single “Like a Stranger” and released the first demo of the song with which she rose on the musical sky in our country.

“In 2006, shortly before I finished school, I entered Boris Pavlov’s studio. Even though I was only 19, I had a clear concept of what my first song would be. I showed him my idea and he pulled out the guitar and we started composing it. This is the very first demo of my debut song – “Like a Stranger”. I soon discovered it in the dusty, old CDs we were using at the time. The tune was born and I remember already seeing the final version from just one guitar solo. “I called Marieta Angelova later and said that I know what I want to say in the song. I had so many emotions that I wanted to put into words. I also knew how I wanted to sing it,” the singer says with undisguised emotion.

“Last night I cried when I heard this record. She reminded me of the little girl of 19 with big ambitions, but also with a lot of fantasy and vision for everything. Never ignore the urge for art. Be it to a book, picture, song, movie. All of this makes us what we are, makes us strong, makes us an idea closer to the creator,” Andrea says, Signal.bg reports.

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