A beautiful singer from “The Voice of Bulgaria” shocked everyone with revelations about fame

A beautiful singer from “The Voice of Bulgaria” shocked everyone with revelations about fame
A beautiful singer from “The Voice of Bulgaria” shocked everyone with revelations about fame

I always sang at home in front of my parents, on the mirror with the deodorant and I always wanted this to be my profession and my path in life. That’s what he said about the morning block “Good morning Bulgaria” on Radio “Focus” the singer Denitsa Karaslavova. She specified that the first person who grabbed her and saw her talent was Yana Deliradeva – the conductor of the “Children’s Wrist” choir.

“Actually, the Children’s Wrist Choir is where my development with music began. Besides purely vocally, the Children’s Wrist choir actually helped me to work as a team, because that’s very important. And I’ve noticed lately how few people can actually work as a team. Because even when you’re a solo artist, you’re alone on stage, again, there are people sitting behind you, and you really have to be able to balance things and be able to work in a team,” Karaslavova also said and explained that her favorite tour was in Vienna.

“We were in the Golden Hall and it was an amazing experience. Then we also won first place actually at this festival. It was international and it was extraordinary… it was “Wow”.

Denitsa Karaslavova also talked about her participation in “The Voice of Bulgaria”:

“Actually, that’s the interesting fact – that a friend who was my classmate at the time signed me up. And in general, I didn’t expect to advance at all, nor did I even expect to go to the chairs, to the Blind audition. It was… my heart was pounding, really pounding, and I remember almost nothing. I was so worried that I didn’t remember anything! It was really a school for me, it showed me how many people you can physically sing in front of, how many people you can also sing in front of the small screen”.

According to her, the formats in Bulgaria are not so hard physically, but rather mentally.

“Because many people think and dream that if you get on TV, everything… you’re famous, it’s very nice, it’s nice. Yes, it’s nice in the first few hours, then certain people enter your personal space, you become more -recognizable, you can’t go out, for example, to a bar or somewhere where you will be pointed at. At some point it becomes quite unpleasant for you and even for the people around you”.

Denitsa Karaslavova explained that when she entered the Music Academy in Sofia, she introduced herself simply as “Deni” and not as “the singer Denitsa”.

“Like their colleague. However, many people of interest have studied and seen my work, and at one point there was a little distance from me, pure… “Now this one has songs, she has already gone to where I want to be”, because most people, this is their dream, which is nothing wrong, of course. But I don’t see myself as anything more and I often try to avoid such events, for photos, for autographs, in the sense if I’m in front of a lot of people in a public place”.

According to her, there is a music market in Bulgaria.

“Yes, there is, although it is more difficult, there is a market. You just have to fight, get acquainted, something that is not inherent in many people. Besides, no matter how much, you have to go, get acquainted, as I said, to speak nicely, diplomatically, but still there is a market. Gradually I see how music is changing, there are things that are now more accepted. Jazz music, for example – it was not at all known on the Bulgarian market until recently. Even these Eastern Orthodox songs , which we sang in the choir, now a lot more people enjoy this music and understand it, which is the most valuable thing. And I think that music is undergoing a catharsis at the moment, so I’m waiting for really good feedback about the music market in Bulgaria and about the music generally”.

If she had to choose one film to describe herself, Denitsa could not do it, she herself admitted on the air of “Focus”because he is a comprehensively developed personality.

“Going through ‘La La Land,’ because there’s still got to be a bit of film in the whole thing and some illusion to put in, we go on to ‘The Matrix,’ because I’m constantly in and out of one and into another. Well, there’s a lot of movies indeed, there are many,” she said and advised anyone who wants to pursue music to do so because it is something that feeds the soul.

“There is a time when we feed something else, and families, etc. As long as I can, I have told myself that I want to feed my soul and continue to do music as I understand it”.

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