They found a guitar for Vasco the Frog!

They found a guitar for Vasco the Frog!
They found a guitar for Vasco the Frog!

At last a guitar was found for the famous lyrical hero Vasco the Frog. This was revealed to “Telegraph” by Petar Ivanov, a musician from the “Kamchia” orchestra. The video of the new version of the hit “Combine thresher” was filmed with the tool.


On the Facebook page of the wedding formation, several working shots of the process of shooting the spot have been uploaded. On them, it can be seen that some of the musicians are mounted on a combine harvester, with the leader of the orchestra, Boris Ivanov, with his ionic guitar in front, and his wife, the singer Snezhana Ivanova, next to him. “We filmed in the field near Devnya, where the harvester is working. It belongs to our acquaintances, who gave it to us for the clip,” said Petar Ivanov.


From the photos, it is clear that the Kamchia orchestra changes two looks in the video. In one, the boys are wearing the same T-shirts with floral motifs, and the singer is wearing a white dress with folk embroidery. In the other takes, they have changed into white T-shirts with the print. On the guitar – Vasko the Frog”, which “Telegraf” already wrote that they are a real hit in online boutiques. Most likely, the funnier part of the clip was shot with them. “We shot quite a few funny scenes, but I don’t know which of them will come in during the installation,” comments Petar Ivanov.

A prop

In addition to playing the bagpipes in the orchestra, he is also a professional dancer and choreographer of the dance group “Bulgarian rhythms”. The dancers are also included in the video. But for the video, we took a guitar as a prop and shot some scenes with one of the dancers, but whether they stay in the final edit will be up to the director. The video could be out today, if not in a few days. And we can’t wait any longer,” Ivanov said. He added that the new arrangement is completely different from the tune that became a hit again after 20 years.

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