First on bTV: Photo of Ceausescu’s signature found on Pollock’s painting


The painting discovered in our country, which is supposed to be by Jackson Pollock, is from the collection of Nicolae Ceausescu.

bTV has photos of the late Romanian dictator’s signature on the back of the work. Journalists from Bucharest confirmed that it was his autograph.

There are two inscriptions on the back of the painting. In addition to Ceausescu’s signature, there is also a dedication written there – to an American actress popular in the 1940s and 1950s.


“An interesting detail is also the inscription on the upper left of the back of the painting, which says the following: ‘Dedicated to my dear and very talented friend Lauren Bacall, CHRD, 16 09 1949’, followed by a signature,” explains SGP spokesperson Desislava Petrova .


Ceausescu’s signature is also accompanied by a stamp. And Bucharest confirms that it belongs to the former dictator. In order to prove its authenticity, however, an examination of both the seal and the dedications, as well as the painting itself, must be done.

“There is the Jackson Pollock Foundation – they do the examinations in just 15 minutes and return an answer,” explains Igor Markovski.

The article is in Bulgarian

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