Elon Musk: Artificial intelligence may turn out to be “anti-human”

Elon Musk: Artificial intelligence may turn out to be “anti-human”
Elon Musk: Artificial intelligence may turn out to be “anti-human”

Artificial intelligence (AI) could pose an existential risk if it turns out to be an “anti-human” technology, Elon Musk said ahead of today’s first-ever international summit on the safe use of artificial intelligence, DPA and BTA report.

The tech billionaire told American podcaster Joe Rogan just hours before he left for the Safe Use of AI Summit in Bletchley Park outside London.

He later took his seat at the forum, which includes British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, representatives of other governments and people from science and business, who will discuss over two days how to limit the risks of using AI.

On Rogan’s podcast, the owner of Tesla and SpaceX stated that some conservationists are “destroyers”considering “mankind for a plague upon the face of the earth“.

He cited Voluntary Human Extinction founder Les Knight, who gave an interview last year to The New York Times, as an example of this philosophy, and said that some people working for tech companies have a similar mindset. .

According to Knight, the best thing people can do for the planet is to stop having children.

We have to ask ourselves what could possibly go wrong with artificial intelligence. If an AI is programmed by someone with a similar mindset, its function will be the destruction of humanityMusk said.

Earlier this year, he signed a letter for a six-month hiatus from AI development.

Asked in the interview with Rogan to comment on whether he thought the outcome of the emergence of this technology would ultimately be positive for humanity, Musk replied that he agreed with that opinion, but added that there is no absolute guarantee of this.

I think we need to be careful how we program AI and make sure it doesn’t accidentally turn out to be anti-humanand,” Musk said.

Asked what his expectations were for the forum in Bletchley, he replied: “I do not know. I am most interested in questions like this about the safe use of AI and what to do about it. Maybe introduce some kind of regulatory oversight, I know?

You can’t just decide and make an atomic bomb in your backyard, it’s illegal and you’ll go to jail if you do. In my opinion, AI is more dangerous than an atomic bomb“, Musk stated and once again emphasized that what worries him the most is the possibility that this kind of technology will turn out to be “anti-human”.

That’s the big question“, the billionaire pointed out.

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