One for you, one for me.. but no Ferraris – ballot counting in Gabrovnica


A new scandalous recording from the election night video surveillance has emergedreports BNT.

He raises doubts about electoral abuses in the Montana village of Gabrovnica.

The recording shows a member of the commission crossing out ballots from the general pile for municipal councillors.

A conversation is also heard in which it is discussed how to account for invalid mayoral ballots. Subsequently, from the protocol published on the page of the CEC, it becomes clear that the number of invalid ballots entered in it coincides with the count from the video surveillance.

However, there is not a single invalid ballot in the minutes that recorded the election of municipal councilors.

Uncle Ceno, what number? Sketch by Borovan 2023, but not by Aleko

Addition of ballots with marking of preferences

“Christians, can we just say something? Are these ballots going to stay invalid, or are we going to fix them?”

“68 and 26 who are you going to write it for?”

“On 2. One for you, one for me, one for you, one for me”.

“I’ll come up with them here. Let’s also mark preferences – at 120, at 104, at 111… Well, for all of them, but someone must come to help”a voice is heard on the recording.

In the nearly 4-hour recording you can see people who shouldn’t be there.

A member of the section admits that there were irregularities. “For preference, I have not seen any mention of manipulation, but for the counting of mayoral ballots, especially when they started counting the other candidate – I was standing next to the boy who was counting them, and the candidate-mayor yelled at me, which may it remains to be seen,” commented Lilia Slavchova, a member of the SIK-Gabrovnitsa, to bTV.

In her words a mayoral candidate was in the counting section.

Another member of the commission, however, denies that there were any manipulations.

In relation to the case The district prosecutor’s office in Montana commissioned an investigation.

The supervising prosecutor has instructed the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the city to attach to the case file the entire video recording distributed in the media and to clarify which polling station it refers to.

The chairman, the members of the relevant polling station, as well as those present must be identified when recording the video. Detailed information will be removed from all of them.

Information and documentation will be requested from the Municipal Election Commission on the case.

The inspection will be carried out in a short time, after which the materials will be handed over to the supervising prosecutor for a ruling.

We remind you that yesterday footage from the video surveillance also revealed how a member of a polling station in the village of Malorad adds a preference in municipal council ballots in order to help “our people”.

Two people have already been detained in connection with the case, which has gained notoriety as “Uncle Ceno”.

“Uncle Ceno” from Malorad was still elected as a municipal councilor

After a scandalous recording showed the addition of ballots after the end of election day, the commission was summoned for questioning

The article is in Bulgarian

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