The poverty line for 2024 will be BGN 526 – Bulgaria

The poverty line for 2024 will be BGN 526 – Bulgaria
The poverty line for 2024 will be BGN 526 – Bulgaria

The Council of Ministers determined the poverty line for 2024, which will be in the amount of BGN 526. This was announced after the government meeting by the Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Ivanka Shalapatova.

The decision provides the new amount of the poverty line to increase by BGN 22. or 4.4%.

The government proposes to raise the minimum wage to BGN 933.

As the 2024 poverty line increases. social benefits will also increase under the Social Assistance Act, financial support under the Disabled Persons Act, financial aid and means for prevention and reintegration, raising a child with relatives and friends, as well as raising a child in a foster family within the meaning of the Protection Act the child, explained the minister.

Shalapatova pointed out that in implementation of today’s government decision the scope of people who receive an old-age pension will be expanded.

Improving the poverty line will also increase social support for vulnerable groups, as a greater number of people and families in need will receive support from the state, commented the Minister of Social Affairs.

KNSB: 10% of working Bulgarians are below the poverty line

Around 800 thousand people from vulnerable groups will receive financial support in a higher amount in 2024 due to the increase in the poverty line. For the next year, it is planned to provide financial support under the Law for the disabled to more than 672 thousand people over the age of 18. Under the social assistance law, assistance will reach 123,508 people in 2024, she said.

Shalapatova assured that the necessary funds are taken into account during the preparation of the State Budget Law for 2024.

Funds for support under the Social Assistance Act are scheduled to increase by BGN 75.6 million. There will be BGN 27.6 million more for people with disabilities, and for financial aid in the sense of the Child Protection Act, the funds will increase by one million BGN, the minister pointed out.

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