Denkov on the scandal with the machines: I am waiting for a proposal from the head of DANS to replace the vice-president


I am waiting for a proposal from the chairman of DANS to replace the vice-chairman, who wrote a report by which the machine vote in the first round of the local vote was cancelled. This is what Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov said to bTV in the “Face to Face” program.

Minister Denkov added that by law, in order to replace the deputy chairman of the office, he must have a new name.

“I have been telling him for several days, he is silent,” commented Denkov.

Plamen Tonchev told the prime minister that he saw no reason to replace his deputy, Denyo Denev, who signed the report that gave rise to the scandal about the machines with the deputy minister of e-governance, Mihail Stoinov.

Denkov explained that the information about the machines and the risks associated with them reached him in violation of the law. He added that this should have been discussed with him first, solutions proposed and then a report written for all to see.

The cancellation of the machine vote was reached after a report of the National Security Agency was presented to the Presiding Council of the National Assemblyfrom which it became clear that on October 25 the Deputy Minister of Electronic Management downloaded the codes of the machines, recorded them on his phone and on a flash drive.

On Monday, the Supreme Administrative Court overturned the Central Election Commission’s decision to abolish machine voting for this Sunday’s runoff.


This decision, according to the court, is illegal. This means that machine voting can be done in the runoff on Sunday.

Denkov: It turns out that DANS are not part of the solution, but part of the problem

“More than 1 month before the elections, I sent a request to DANS to tell them what risks we expect during the elections and a proposal for measures to take. Did I get a reply? No. The same deputy who released that report, which the head of DANS was supposed to send me, released the report without telling me. This person should first call that there is such a risk, then see if that risk can be reduced, and then shout that there is a problem. But this was not done, but it was released to pre-decide that there would be no machines,” commented Denkov.


According to him, some people wanted to remove the machines from the electoral process and did so, including breaking the laws.

The CEC violated the Election Code. After that, VAS was able to find a reason to justify why they removed the machines. Likewise, this DANS person broke the law, sent this report and predetermined the decision to remove the machines. DANS had to respond to my request for the elections,” Denkov further explained.

The derogation, the price of fuels and how the sale of Lukoil can happen

Regarding the removal of the derogation for Lukoil, Denkov commented that the deputy from GERB-SDS Delyan Dobrev says a lot of thingswhich are not true.

The Prime Minister promised to protect the stability of the fuel market.


“We have no non-Russian oil to feed the refinery. The sale of Lukoil depends on the sale of its owners. We know there is interest in the company, but we don’t know if negotiations are underway. If someone starts pressuring Lukoil and seizing, then at any moment they can raise the price of fuel and justify this pressure. This is a warning of what will happen if someone starts doing it. I see some actions like this in 7 days for the derogation to disappear,” said Denkov.

He defended the imposed fee for the transfer of Russian natural gas through “Balkan Stream” and which will not be felt by consumers in the other Balkan countries, because the fee is owed by “Gazprom” to Bulgaria.

According to him, the deadline set for the Eurozone – January 1, 2025 – is realistic.

“This date is very likely. The only problem we have left is inflation. It was brought to us from abroad, and for the moment it is acceptable,” explained Denkov.

Schengen – we are waiting for December to see what happens

The Prime Minister also commented on the subject of “Schengen”.

“I don’t know if Schengen was a myth or a mirage. We are working on a very specific plan. We’ll see what happens in December,” he said.

Denkov pointed out that everything planned for the work of the National Assembly has been completed. His concern is whether the National Assembly will continue to operate in the same way.

“I am worried about strange proposals not approved by the government, such as those for Lukoil.” Some of the political forces that support the government are not sure if they should go with this plan that we have laid out. If someone purely populist wants to please the voters, then everything can go in the wrong direction,” said Denkov.

Watch the entire conversation in the video.

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