They are considering raising pensions by 10% from July next year


An increase in pensions by about 10% in July next year – this is what the draft Budget 2024 foresees. This was reported to bTV by the president of the Podkrepa trade union Dimitar Manolov after a meeting in the Council of Ministers.

The government invited only union representatives to the meeting, and the employers did not attend. The parties discussed next year’s budget, which the cabinet must submit to the National Assembly by November 15.

Manolov indicated that the plans are for a 10% update of pensions in July.

In addition, they are also considered changes in the amount of maternity for the second year of the childnamely that it be equal to the minimum wage.

The government continues the policy of raising incomes

Next year’s budget will have a clear perspective

The amount of the MRZ for next year was increased, and from January it will be in the amount of BGN 933.

For now, no changes are foreseen for the other types of benefits.

The meeting did not discuss whether there would be Christmas supplements for pensioners this year.

We remind you that a few days ago the Minister of Finance Asen Vassilev announced that there are no such plans, but later the Prime Minister specified that the final decision will be made after seeing the implementation of the budget.

Asen Vasilev: Budget 2024 will have a deficit of up to 3%

We are moving completely within the estimates, even better, assures the finance minister

The government intends to set real wage growth in the 2024 budget of at least 5%as much as projected inflation.

This was another highlight of the meeting, BNR reports.

Manolov noted that edifferential increase in remuneration in the various government departments.

According to him, in order to achieve a real wage growth of at least 5%, their increase should be 10% nominal. He specified that the specific percentage of the increase will be different for different departments.

He made the reservation that today’s talks are very preliminary.

“Those administrations where there were no increases in the last two times to make up for those gaps – and they’re expecting a slightly higher increase. We can’t talk about the same increase for everyone. It’s said to be differentiated “, commented the trade unionist.

It was announced at the meeting that the government is analyzing the income policy in the administration sector.

Denkov hoped for income growth every year with a sustainable budget

Denkov hoped for income growth every year with a sustainable budget

The authorities and the unions discussed the preparation of the framework of the Budget 2024.

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