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The co-chairman of “We continue the change – Democratic Bulgaria” Kiril Petkov denied his role in various events of the last months in which his name was involved. In an interview with “Dnevnik” he stated that he never threatened the Minister of e-Government Alexander Iolovski and was not questioned in the case, after which he defined the accusations against him as “a flat insinuation and an attempt to divert attention”.

The e-governance minister and his family are under increased security following threats

In a similar way, Petkov also answered the questions about his relationship with the former Beret Alexey Petrov, who was shot in August. Petkov denied ever meeting with Petrov and GERB leader Boyko Borisov, although just a few months ago in another interview he confirmed Borisov’s words that Petrov only provided the logistics for Kiril Petkov, Asen Vasilev to meet and Boyko Borisov to discuss general management. Petkov refused to answer questions, saying that these were intrigues and that he was tired of dealing with police tricks.

On the occasion of the upcoming run-off this Sunday, Petkov said that he expects support from GERB for the mayoral candidates of “We continue the change – Democratic Bulgaria”, who are in the run-off against candidates of other formations.

“Attempted distraction”

The leader of “We continue the change” categorically denied that he put pressure on the Minister of e-Government, Alexander Iolovski, for public procurement in the amount of BGN 600 million. increased security,” Petkov answered regarding the information that the minister and his family have received increased security in recent days.

She is said to have been appointed at the request of the minister after he was questioned by the anti-corruption commission where he testified about extortion and threats made against him and his family related to the e-government procurement of hundreds millions of BGN.

According to information presented on Friday (October 27, the day before the day for reflection) by the chairs of the parliamentary groups of GERB Desislava Atanasova and “There is such a people” Toshko Yordanov, the pressure was exerted by the co-chairman of “We continue the change” Kiril Petkov and the MP from “Democratic Bulgaria” Bozhidar Bojanov. Bojanov has already denied putting pressure on Yolovski, declaring the scandal false. According to Petkov, the accusations against him are “flat insinuation”.

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