Gunman drives into Hamburg airport (VIDEO)

Gunman drives into Hamburg airport (VIDEO)
Gunman drives into Hamburg airport (VIDEO)

The airport is closed

The airport in the German city of Hamburg was closed after an armed man smashed the barrier with his car, Deutsche Welle reports. The suspect fired two shots into the air and started several fires. He keeps his 4-year-old child in the car. Earlier in the day, his wife reported to the police that their child had been kidnapped.

Federal police spokesman Thomas Herbert said a large number of state and federal police were on the scene.

All flights have been cancelled, special forces are on the ground, and the counter-terrorism department has been asked to join the operation.

BREAKING: The Hamburg Airport has been closed after a man with a gun crashed through a gate with his car and continued driving to the tarmac. Police getting ready to storm the airport. Some German media claim the man fired shots while breaking in.

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