Israel opens evacuation window south into Gaza

Israel opens evacuation window south into Gaza
Israel opens evacuation window south into Gaza

Israel reopens a corridor for Gaza civilians in the northern part of the Strip, to evacuate to the south, although they were attacked while trying to open the road on Saturday, The Times of Israel reported.

This will happen between 10am and 2pm on Sundays.

“For your safety, take advantage of the weather,” a spokesman said, repeating the Israeli army’s long-standing insistence that civilians move out of harm’s way by heading to southern Gaza.

About 800,000 people have fled south so far, despite many insisting to remain in the northern part of the enclave, noting humanitarian problems and airstrikes also occurring in the south.

Israel has concentrated most of its air power and ground forces in northern Gaza. With this he surrounds the city on three sides as he seeks to eliminate the authorities there.

Members of Hamas fired mortars and anti-tank shells at the troopswhen they tried to open the way on the Sabbath, “because they wanted you to remain there as human shields for them and their leaders.”

“Hamas”: More than 60 hostages disappeared after Israeli attacks in Gaza

About 50 prisoners held by the group were killed in the strikes

No soldiers were injured during the attack.

The army has already accused Hamas of trying to prevent the Palestinians from evacuate from northern Gaza, where the military has focused most of its airstrikes and an ongoing ground offensive.

We recall that the group in turn accused Israel, that because of his strikes, many hostages died or disappeared, and also because of the refusal to evacuate wounded Palestinians and exchange them for Israeli ones.

“Hamas” cut that will not release the detained persons with dual citizenship.

Pro-Palestinian demonstrations took place in many countries around the world.

A protest against Netanyahu was also held in Israel.

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