Hamburg airport closed due to gunman

Hamburg airport closed due to gunman
Hamburg airport closed due to gunman

The airport in the German city of Hamburg was closed on Saturday evening after a gunman drove his car onto the runways. According to the police, there was a four-year-old child with him. The car is stopped under a plane on one of the runways.

The man shot several times in the air and threw Molotov cocktails. It is believed that the man most likely had a custody dispute with the mother. She contacted the police and explained that he had told her of his intentions to invade the airport. The woman stated that her child was kidnapped.

There is an increased police presence at the airport. Authorities are treating the situation as a hostage crisis. According to the airport’s latest announcement from early Sunday morning, the situation is still under control.

All flights are cancelled. Police urge no one to go to the airport.

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