Vasil Terziev leads Vanya Grigorova with 4563 votes


The candidate of PP-DB and “Save Sofia” for the mayor’s seat in Sofia Vasil Terziev receives 48.17% of the votes (174,321 votes) in the runoff held in Neelya.

For the BSP candidate 46.92% (or 169,785 votes) voted for Vanya Grigorova.

Such are the results with 99.78% SIC protocols processed in the OIC as of 6 a.m. on Monday.

16,202 (or 4.96%) of the voters noted that they did not support anyone.

This is clear from the website of the Central Election Commission (CEC).

Voter turnout at 4 p.m. in Sofia was 23.72%, or 250,528 people, of those entitled to vote.

Vasil Terziev is ahead of Vanya Grigorova by about 8%

First results after the runoff

We remind you that my results from the exit polls, distributed after the end of the election day, were similar.

Terziev declined to comment before the release of the final results of their presentation of the local vote.

Despite the troubles on election day, despite the smear, we remain hopeful, we believe that it is alive and that freedom is within reach. The morning is wiser than the evening. This was stated by the BSP mayoral candidate for Sofia, Vanya Grigorova at a press briefing.

The results in the metropolitan areas at 64, 55% processed protocols, summarized by BNT.

The first results for the Bankya region did not appear until 5:00 a.m. According to the data, GERB-SDS candidate Rangel Markov leads with a result of 51.43%, and “Vazrazhdane” candidate Anton Brankov wins 34.68%.

  • Vitosha district

In the “Vitosha” district, PP-DB (Save Sofia) candidate Zarko Klinkov received 49.15% against GERB-SDS candidate Teodor Petkov, who had 40.61% support.

  • “Vrabnitsa” district

In the “Vrabnitsa” district, Rumen Kostadinov from PP-DB (Save Sofia) leads with 50.82% before the current mayor Mladen Mladenov (GERB-SDS) leads with 33.91%.

  • Revival District

In the “Vazrazhdane” district, the PP-DB (Save Sofia) candidate Stanislav Iliev leads with 55.67 percent. Second is the candidate of GERB-SDS – Savina Savova with 33.31%.

  • Izgrev District

In the “Izgrev” district, the PP-DB (Save Sofia) candidate Delyan Georgiev receives 64.12% support. Second is the GERB-SDS candidate Diyan Stamatov with 25.72%.

  • Ilinden District

In the “Ilinden” region, it is one of the disputed runoffs. Emil Branchevsky from PP-DB (Save Sofia) leads with 49.26%, and Ivan Bozhilov from GERB-SDS receives 38.47% support.

In the Iskar region, Yasen Rusev from PP-DB (Save Sofia) received 52.74%, and Ivaylo Tsekov from GERB-SDS – 32.37%.

  • Krasna Polyana area

In the “Krasna Polyana” district, the PP-DB (Save Sofia) candidate Dimitar Petrov leads with 54.97%. In second place is Ivan Chakarov from GERB-SDS with 32.43%.

  • Krasno Selo District

The candidate of PP-DB (Save Sofia) Tsveta Nikolaeva receives 56.89% support, and the current mayor Rumen Rusev from GERB has 27.59%.

  • “Kremikovtsi” district

Extremely close results in the “Kremikovtsi” district, Boris Petrov from GERB-SDS won with 48.57%, and Lilia Donkova from PP-DB (Save Sofia) with 47.34%.

  • “Lozenets” district

In the “Lozenets” district, the previous mayor Konstantin Pavlov from PP-DB (Save Sofia) received 57.28% of the vote. Second is Angelina Toteva from GERB-SDS with 29.67%.

In the “Lyulin” district, the most contested battle is because of the difference between the two candidates in the first round it was only one voice. Now the PP-DB (Save Sofia) candidate Georgi Todorov leads with 52.53%. GERB-SDS candidate Milko Mladenov received 32.19%.

  • Mladost District

In the “Mladost” district, PP-DB (Save Sofia) candidate Ivaylo Kukurin leads the race with 57.83%. Second is Julian Peychev from GERB-SDS with 25.74%.

  • Nadezhda District

Close results in Nadezhda area. For now, the GERB-SDS mayoral candidate Dimitar Dimov is leading with 44.98%. Second is Rumen Dimitrov from PP-DB (Save Sofia) with 41.47%.

  • Novi Iskar District

Return to the “Novi Iskar” area. Independent candidate Vladislav Vladimirov led with 51.56%. Mayoral candidate Daniela Raycheva from GERB-SDS wins 45.05%

  • Oborishte District

In the “Oborishte” district, the candidate for mayor of PP-DB (Save Sofia) Georgi Kuzmov leads with 63.98%. Second is Yoanna Dragneva from GERB-SDS with 22.56%.

  • Ovcha Kupel District

In the “Ovcha Kupel” district, the PP-DB (Save Sofia) candidate Angel Stefanov receives 51.59% support. Second is Borislav Todorov from GERB-SDS with 32.63%.

  • Pancharevo district

In the “Pancharevo” district, Evgenia Alexieva from GERB-SDS received 62.48% of the vote, second was the independent Nikolay Gyurov with 31.39%.

  • Swelling area

In the “Poduyane” district, the leader with 50.31% is the candidate of the PP-DB (Save Sofia) coalition Kristiyan Hristov, second is Petar Mitev from GERB-SDS with 33.0%.

  • Serdika District

In the “Serdika” district, the candidate of the PP-DB coalition (Save Sofia) Momchil Daskalov is in first place with 46.24%. Second is Todor Krastev from GERB with 41.73%.

  • “Slatina” district

In the “Slatina” district, the current mayor from PP-DB (Save Sofia) Georgi Iliev is the leader in the ranking with 63.48%. Borislav Borisov from GERB-SDS is in second place with 23.55%.

  • Student District

In the “Studentski” district, the independent candidate Petko Goranov leads with 51.29%. Second is the PP-DB (Save Sofia) candidate Eney Enchev with 41.92%.

Runoffs – counting down to the last vote

The difference between Vasil Terziev and Vanya Grigorova in Sofia melted away

In 16 regional cities, 100 percent of the protocols from the local vote, the intermediate results of the Central Election Commission as of 6 o’clock this morning show

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