The day is complicated, with unstable energy – Astro

The day is complicated, with unstable energy – Astro
The day is complicated, with unstable energy – Astro

The moon is in its waning phase and transits through the sign of Leo, where it will remain until 9:40 p.m

The Moon in Leo contributes to the implementation of ambitious plans, but it will create a misleading impression that your strength is sufficient for everything. A person at this time is susceptible to flattery and is careless when signing documents. Self-esteem increases. Self-confidence grows. The energy potential at this time is high.

You will succeed in most cases with ease.

Avoid stressful situations. The eyesight, the cardiovascular system, the diaphragm and the back are vulnerable. Avoid anything that strains the heart and don’t overwork yourself.

Anything you do well for these body parts now will be twice as effective as ever. Anything that strains the heart and other organs will be even more harmful than on other days. Do not use solarium and sauna during this time.

The moon idles from 09:26 to 21:40. Don’t do anything important.

At 21:40 the Moon moves into the earth sign Virgo.

Lunar calendar: lasts 23 lunar days until 00:47 on November 7

Symbols of the day – crocodile, dog Cerberus, Chimera. This is a karmic day. The day has a heavy, unstable energy, as a result of which manifestations of aggression, violence, destruction, irreversible changes are characteristic. It is often called the day of the square or the cross because it is tense and dangerous. One has the feeling that things are happening against one’s will.

It’s good for finishing what you start. Refrain from business affairs. Not suitable for any new ventures. Avoid taking chances. Try to communicate as little as possible. Time for abstinence and calmness. You must have self-control, and when an unpleasant situation arises, you better back off. Do not give in to provocations.

Avoid getting into arguments, arguments and conflicts. It may seem to you that others themselves create disputes, conflicts and provoke scandals.

In many ways a double day. A desire for inactivity, apathy and laziness may appear, it may seem that everything is falling out of your hands and things do not want to develop well. A very suitable day for rest and unloading. It is good for a general cleaning of the home, to get rid of everything old and unnecessary.

There is a decline in vitality and energy. Chronic diseases can occur.

If you get sick on this day, it will last a long time. It is suitable for body cleansing procedures. The risk of injury increases.

Relationships in the family may turn out to be too strained, as it is difficult to maintain diplomacy and harmony now. Sex is categorically contraindicated, as on this lunar day it leads to severe physical and emotional exhaustion.

Trimming is contraindicated. It can bring trouble afterwards.

For purchases – unfavorable time. The only thing that can be bought is sports equipment.

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