Surprising twists in the local vote: Who is the big winner?


“The big surprise is the small difference between the first and the second in the runoff in Sofia,” said the political scientist Prof. Svetoslav Malinov in the program “This Morning”.

“Otherwise, in the country, mayors who seemed invincible lost. New people appeared, whom the parties did not count. It is no surprise that BSP is the leader of the opposition,” he added.

“A large part of Vanya Grigorova’s votes are not hers or the BSP’s”, emphasized Malinov.


According to him, her results were due to the voters of GERB. “Obviously they are repeating the mistake of voting out of frustration,” he elaborated.


“In many places in the country, the divide was not left-right, but status quo-change.” PP-DB is included in the change, but BSP and local organizations are included. When it comes to a choice between the status quo and change in the second round – change wins,” said the political scientist.


“The main conclusion after the elections is that the government has stabilized. The majority in the parliament is intact, and it chooses the cabinet. It’s the same, it even has a third wheel,” he was emphatic.


“For me, new national leaders were born in the elections,” Malinov pointed out.


“For me, Sofia is the big surprise, because if someone had said a month ago that the difference would be so low, no one would have believed it. The BSP is the surprise,” said journalist Alexander Simov.


“Outside Sofia, BSP performs more than well. There have been many predictions about how this election is the last and we will already be boiling the wheat. The left did not disappear. 3 of the regional cities belong to the BSP. I am very happy about the BSP’s victory in Dupnitsa,” he said.


“Sofia is a big topic. Vanya Grigova is a phenomenon. She showed that Sofia is not blue. The right-wing parties must now fight for Sofia,” Simov was emphatic.


“I don’t know if the government has stabilized, but I think we will see an insistence on reformulating the assembly.” In my opinion, Borisov will ask for a coalition agreement. This will be a big test for the PP-DB, because the admission of GERB in this way into power destroys their last support point, that they govern according to the strange non-coalition formula”, he stated.

According to him, GERB will claim more presence in power.


“Vanya Grigorova’s result showed a protest vote against the management of the assembly, because GERB left the fight in the first round,” said social anthropologist Haralan Alexandrov.


According to him, a large part of GEBR voters did not agree with the assembly and voted in protest.

“I share the opinion that there is a red wave. The wave of change came from within Sofia. It’s a surprise to me that renewal isn’t just through “The Change” anymore. We have a completely redesigned map of the local government,” Aleksandrov pointed out.

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