Krasi Chomakov: El Maestro’s handwriting is already visible

Krasi Chomakov: El Maestro’s handwriting is already visible
Krasi Chomakov: El Maestro’s handwriting is already visible

The former player of CSKA and favorite of the fans – Krasimir Chomakov – shared with “Mach Telegraf” his expectations for today’s upcoming meeting of the “armies” with Heber. He stated that the handwriting of the coach Nestor El Maestro is already visible, but there is still much to be desired in the game of the “Reds”.

“The only thing I can expect from this match is a victory for CSKA. Everything else is out of the question and it will be a failure. These three points will be very important for the “army” and the fans. At the head of Heber is Lyuboslav Penev, but for CSKA there is no it doesn’t matter who they are up against. Regardless of who the team is up against, they always go for the win. Whether it’s Heber or someone else – the team doesn’t matter. I think CSKA has more class and will win. God bless it it happened with a good game and let’s see a convincing win. The boys go into this match as leaders in the championship and this should give them more confidence and self-belief. Anyone who does not have self-belief has no place in CSKA. Being first means only, that the attitude and the spirit must be at the highest possible level. Recently the team has not impressed and is not playing at the level expected. I cannot comment on why this is happening. If you are not in good sporting shape now, then when?” he began Chomakov’s analysis.

“There are a few more matches and the first half of the season ends. Now El Maestro’s players must be in maximum sports shape. The important thing is that they managed to get the three points in Veliko Tarnovo. Sometimes your luck runs out and you can’t win by more than the whole season 1-0. If you bring luck to you, there’s no way things will work out. That can only be done with good play and good results and consistency. Not playing two strong games and then three games faltering. No there should be that. I can say that Nestor El Maestro’s signature can already be seen in the team’s play. They are more aggressive and more compact. That makes an impression on me. The team is well organized, and that is very important.” said Chomakov.

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