Gabriel: Two of the Hamas hostages are of Bulgarian origin

Gabriel: Two of the Hamas hostages are of Bulgarian origin
Gabriel: Two of the Hamas hostages are of Bulgarian origin

The Prime Minister also responded to the words of President Rumen Radev

“It was important for us that we met with the families of the hostages and it became clear that there are two hostages of Bulgarian origin. At this moment, this is the information we can share. We continue, together with Israel, to do everything necessary to the release of the hostages will be reached,” said Deputy Prime Minister Maria Gabriel after her visit to Israel, together with Prime Minister Denkov.

“The moment we have more information and it will not endanger the lives of the hostages, we will share more details,” Gabriel added.

She defined their visit to Israel with the words – solidarity, gratitude and coordination. “This is how I would define the three key messages that Prime Minister Denkov and I delivered today to the State of Israel and its people. I want to thank you for the warm welcome and express once again our solidarity with Israel. Coordination must continue in terms of our efforts not to reach to regional escalation”.

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“One of the goals was to express support for the state of Israel, because it has every right to protect its citizens from terrorist attacks and attacks. Just 30 days ago, Israel was attacked in an extremely cruel way,” said Denkov.

He pointed out that Bulgaria will continue to help in whatever way it can. “On the other hand, Hamas terrorists should not be allowed to mix with the Palestinian population, in which civilians also have their rights. One of the goals today was to make sure that the Israeli government takes all measures to separate the terrorists from the innocent population. That was also our assurance. We will continue to help both sides as much as we can.”

Denkov also responded to the words of President Rumen Radev. “Regarding the President’s comments, let’s look at the facts – the first is that all heads of service are appointed by his own administrations. If we’re going to use terms like ‘office takeover’, the only one who could have done it is the President. Second fact – until now I have not asked for any of the heads of services to be changed, because there was no reason. But today there is,” he commented.

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