Big scandal with Andrea. Rezil before the foreigners

Big scandal with Andrea. Rezil before the foreigners
Big scandal with Andrea. Rezil before the foreigners

The pop folk singer Andrea got involved in a big scandal in the Netherlands. She became a disgrace to foreigners after screwing up an establishment in the Netherlands. At the last moment, the ex-girlfriend of the boxer Kubrat Pulev refused to take the participation that she had taken months before. The reason why the singer did not want to sing in the Netherlands is simply absurd.

“He said he couldn’t fly on a budget plane, explained that she was a high-ranking star and the plane had to have an exit for stars. He was talking about how he couldn’t travel by bus. And although I explained to her that a driver would be waiting for her at the airport, that she would be taken to the club, she hung up on me and disappeared,” organizer Gloria Yordanova told “Telegraph”.

It all started a few months ago. Yordanova, who had a close relationship with Andrea, wanted to help her.

“I felt sorry for her for everything that was happening to her. He complained that there were no performances. So I got a restaurant in the Netherlands to hire her. They had concerns from the start. I was asked if it wouldn’t be like her infamous performance when she was drunk and fell on stage. I convinced them that I had spoken to her and everything would be fine,” added the organizer.

As it should be, already a month ago Andrea had received a down payment for the engagement. After that she stopped answering the phone, she was asked several times to send her documents so that the tickets could be bought for her, and she sent them literally the day before the flight.

“Finally, on the day of the participation, he called me and said he wouldn’t travel,” explains Gloria Yordanova.

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