Delyan Peevski: I will run for chairman of the DPS

Delyan Peevski: I will run for chairman of the DPS
Delyan Peevski: I will run for chairman of the DPS

The election will be in February

Delyan Peevski is running for DPS chairman. This became clear after the meeting of the central operational bureau of the party. The election will be in February. Ahmed Dogan, who took over the leadership of the party after the resignation of Mustafa Karadai, did not attend the meeting due to health reasons.

Peevski opened the meeting of the central council himself, despite the request and expectations that Ahmed Dogan would do it. After several hours of talks, it became clear that the X-day for DPS will be February 24. Then the new “first” in the party will be elected. And Delyan Peevski will be among the candidates for the leadership post.


“Yes, I am running. Anyone can run for president from among our members. Absolutely democratic and transparent. DPS will have only one president,” he said.

There will also be reforms in the youth DPS, after today the central council decided to release its entire leadership. And to the question of whether there will be more resignations, Peevski answered as follows – “Everything that is for the good of DPS has happened”.

And although he was not present in person, honorary chairman Ahmed Dogan praised Peevski remotely. “Mr. Delyan Peevski, for me, has been a phenomenon in Bulgarian politics for the last 5-6 months. With his hyperactivity, combinability and mediation skills, he managed to return the center of power to the Bulgarian parliament. And from being the most reviled, he became a significant partner for all parliamentary groups”.

In a letter to the members of the party, the new-old chairman of the movement also commented on the resignation of Mustafa Karadai. “The surprising resignation of Mr. Mustafa Karadai clearly has a background and development. In this case, I just want to point out that he has undeniable merits for the establishment of the DPS. He has a 30-year investment, which, I hope, will help him and in the next page of his life”. The former DPS leader did not attend the party meeting, but minutes before it began he commented on his withdrawal on social networks. “And in the end, I want to apologize to each one individually and to the CS as a whole, if I have not met his expectations as a chairman and as a person”.

Ahmed Dogan: I am not returning of my own volition, Peevski is a phenomenon in Bulgarian politics

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