Ivana fell in love with a young surgeon?

Ivana fell in love with a young surgeon?
Ivana fell in love with a young surgeon?
Her new lover is a surgeon in one of the largest and most renowned hospitals in our country, and the two already share a common roof.

Apparently, this is also the reason why the singer of the people, who knocked 54 years old, looks like 30. The fact is that recently she seems to have blossomed, and this is not accidental. Acquaintances reveal that her relationship with the surgeon dates back to about a year, but it seems that the feelings between them flared up quickly after only a few months later they decided to live together, writes “Weekend”.

The surgeon is divorced, like Ivana herself, and he is 4 years younger than her. He has an established career and has managed to establish himself in medical circles. This is exactly the basis of his acquaintance with the singer. The two met for the first time during research that the pop star’s mother had to do. For the people around the singer, it is clear that she has been watching like an eagle over her loved ones for a long time.

As a truly devoted daughter, Ivana did not let the old woman roam the offices alone this time and accompanied her. One of the consultations was with the surgeon in question and he was immediately impressed by the singer. He had long been an admirer of hers and knew her work very well, and living contact with her attracted him even more because of her completely natural demeanor and charm.

At this stage, it is not clear when exactly he sought her out outside of his professional commitments to ask her out, but it is a fact that to date they are happy together and very much in love.

Ivana even introduced it to her daughter Teodora, who turned 30 last year.

Recently, the singer appeared in the current tenth season of “The Voice of Bulgaria” on bTV – the show that started years ago with her as part of the jury. The viewers were pleasantly surprised by how good she looks. There is no mention of the extra pounds with which she wrestled until recently, her face is fresh and if one is not aware of her age, one would definitely mistake her for one of the contestants in the format.

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