Peevski: Kalin Stoyanov said that he had an attempt to influence the appointment of police chiefs


The partners in the management are not of the same opinion, and were there any attempts to put pressure on the part of Kiril Petkov Interior Minister Kalin Stoyanov.

“There was never in any way a conversation of the type – ‘here one party has to be a winner or another has to be a loser.’ No such thing. I know that there were several cases in which proposals were made by the minister for people for whom there were signals that there were problems with them, including pre-trial proceedings. And for some of these people, Kiril Petkov said – “yes, these people are unacceptable”, pointed out Denkov.

According to the chairman of the PG of the DPS, Delyan Peevski, all leaders of parties represented in the parliament have talked with the Minister of the Interior.

“He said there was an attempt to influence the appointment of police chiefs. I said that this should not be allowed and none of us has the right to appoint anyone to the Ministry of Internal Affairs,” he added.

“During the elections, however, we found out that they go to the ministry, staff, with one sole purpose – to persecute political opponents. We will not please Kiril Petkov, let’s let his other bodyguard also become a minister,” Boyko Borisov pointed out.

The PP-DB remained silent today.

The issue of “should or shouldn’t the interior minister resign” because of the protests against the BFS put the fate of the government in question and once again divided the partners.


Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov asked Minister Kalin Stoyanov to condemn the violence by police officers on the day of the protests against the leadership of the BFS. Otherwise, Denkov threatened to resign.

“I cannot be prime minister in a government that beats people in the streets – as it used to be. If the minister does not recognize this as violence – yes, I will resignPrime Minister Nikolay Denkov said.

“If there is a resignation of the minister, Denkov must also go,” said GERB leader Boyko Borisov.

“The next time there is such a situation, let the prime minister come out against them. It was like a gangster fight in the street. What do you expect these guys to do? They acted with absolute dignity and protected the citizens of Sofia,” commented the chairman of the PG of the DPS Delyan Peevski.


In order to avoid resignations, the prime minister set four conditions for the power minister.

“We want the minister to come forward clearly and say – ‘this can no longer be tolerated.’ I haven’t heard it before, I want to hear it. There should be an investigation into all these cases, it should be clear who was where. Be clear if there is a violation of the rules. There must be adequate punishments,” said Nikolay Denkov.


The Prime Minister also insisted that a temporary commission of inquiry be established in the National Assembly to verify the events of the protests against the BFS. DPS said they would not support such a commission.

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