The Ukrainian Embassy to Radev: Such type of messages do not support diplomacy

The Ukrainian Embassy to Radev: Such type of messages do not support diplomacy
The Ukrainian Embassy to Radev: Such type of messages do not support diplomacy

Similar type of messages they do not support diplomacy, but rather serve the interests of the aggressor state. This is stated by the Embassy of Ukraine in our country on the occasion of President Rumen Radev’s statements. The statement expressed disappointment with the head of state’s comments.

It recalls that the military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine began almost 10 years ago, in February 2014. Today is the 635th day of Russian full-scale war and Ukrainian citizens they heroically fight against the aggressor and defend their freedom.

The statement said that until Russia returns to respecting the international legal order, until it withdraws its troops from the territory of Ukraine within the state and internationally recognized borders of 1991, there will be no peace in Europe.

Calls for peace and negotiations do not yield results in the face of terrorists, encouraged by the Russian political leadership to mass murder civilians, the statement added.

The real power and effect of diplomacy is when it comes before the bombs and prevents them, and not after the devastation and casualties.

This was stated by the president during the conference “Wars and peace: will the time of diplomacy come?”. The event is organized by the Institute of Economics and International Relations and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

He is alarmed that after more than seven decades of peace in Europe the war rages again.

according to him Russia’s aggression against Ukraine has unleashed the collapse of the global security system, built over decades. Our great goal is the restoration of peace in both Europe and the Middle East, but achieving these goals requires us to have an objective and impartial view first of all on the war in Ukraine and a deep and objective analysis of the factors that drive the armed conflict, said the head of state.

He also recalled about his meeting with Volodymyr Zelenskywho was on a visit to Bulgaria, at which Radev explained that the armed conflict in Ukraine has no military solution and the only way is negotiations and the achievement of peace.

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