Cloudy weather on Tuesday, where will it rain – Bulgaria

Cloudy weather on Tuesday, where will it rain – Bulgaria
Cloudy weather on Tuesday, where will it rain – Bulgaria

In Tuesday Cloudiness from the west will increase over the entire country, and after noon it will also rain in Northwestern Bulgaria. This was announced by the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH). The wind will orientate from the south, in the Danube plain from the east, it will be weak to moderate.

Maximum temperatures will be between 11° and 16°.

In the capital maximum temperatures will be approx 11°.

No warning codes have been announced for dangerous phenomena. The NIMH map is colored green.

Above the Black Sea sunny weather will prevail before noon. Cloudiness will increase in the afternoon, but there will be no precipitation. A light southerly wind will blow. Maximum temperatures will be between 11° and 15°. The temperature of the sea water is 9°-11°. The excitement of the sea will be 1-2 points.

Over the mountains cloudiness will also increase, but only in isolated places will it rain, above about 1800 meters – light snow. A moderate to strong south-westerly wind will blow. The maximum temperature at an altitude of 1200 meters approx at 2000 meters – approx .

In the next few days it will be mostly cloudy; there will also be rain, on Wednesday – in more places and more in quantity in Western and Southern Bulgaria, and on Thursday only in some places light rain will fall. In most of the country it will be almost calm, in the eastern regions a light northerly wind will blow. The minimum temperatures will be between and 10°and the daytime ones will decrease slightly and on Thursday the maximum ones will be between and 12°.

Read the complete weather forecast in the country in Sinoptik

Source: BTA/NIMH

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