Plamen Dimitrov: We will not support the draft budget if our demands are not met – Economy

Plamen Dimitrov: We will not support the draft budget if our demands are not met – Economy
Plamen Dimitrov: We will not support the draft budget if our demands are not met – Economy

“The budget is strained, but still about BGN 8 billion more have been pledged as general revenues, a large part of which are additional tax and social security contributions. There is also a significant increase in the European money that we are expected to spend next year. There the things that bother me the most. Out of 3.5 billion this year, 7 billion have been pledged for next year. We are quite tense here. The taxes are enforceable,” commented KNSB President Plamen Dimitrov in the program “The Day ON AIR”.

He drew attention to the fact that 8.5 billion more have been invested in the expenditure part. Of these, nearly 5 billion are for social payments – pensions, social benefits and benefits.

“Over 1 billion for health payments, this is the good news. We define this as generous social payments, but they will still not be enough. From July 1 next year, all pensioners will receive an 11% increase in individual pensions. The minimum pension will reach very close to the threshold for poverty. The average pension next year will be over BGN 800, so this 11% will be BGN 80-90,” Plamen Dimitrov also told Bulgaria ON AIR.

BGN 1.4 billion more for salary increases is not the real amount, the guest calculated. According to him, the real increase is in the amount of BGN 700 million, but the teachers’ bills will still not be paid and they will not be satisfied.

According to the head of the KNSB, the budget lacks salary growth in health care, apart from the money for the NHIF – there is no new money for increases. In agriculture, BGN 90 million is missing, their salaries are still below or at BGN 1,000, Dimitrov also noted.

There will be no salary increase in public transport in Sofia and in the country. About BGN 37 million are needed there. There is no money planned for an increase in the BDZ, and there the salaries go with the growth rate of the minimum wage, it became clear from his words.

“There are nearly BGN 80 million more in culture, but let’s see what they will end up with. Even if their salaries are raised by 20%, these people will still not become rich. If there is no increase in salaries and pensions, there is no one to support consumption, which would guarantee growth that would not bring us into the scenarios of the whole of Western Europe. Interest rates on loans are growing, but in Bulgaria they are significantly lower than those in the Eurozone,” explained Dimitrov.

They are asking for an additional 600-700 million BGN from the KNSB and will not support the draft budget if their demands are not met. These include an increase in unemployment benefits.

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