The minimum wage will be BGN 933, and in Macedonia it is BGN 946. There can be no income ghetto

The minimum wage will be BGN 933, and in Macedonia it is BGN 946. There can be no income ghetto
The minimum wage will be BGN 933, and in Macedonia it is BGN 946. There can be no income ghetto

The budget achieves a permanent increase in pensions. On the proposal of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, the widow’s pensions for the most vulnerable single pensioners are being raised. This was said by the Minister of Finance Asen Vasilev during the discussion of the draft budget of the State Social Security of the tripartite.

The new amount of the minimum wage next year will be BGN 933, if the deputies accept the draft budget. In Montenegro this year it is BGN 1,042, and in North Macedonia it is BGN 946 now, in Serbia it is BGN 1,070. These are countries with a smaller GDP per capita in our country, and in Romania it is BGN 1,296. Of all our neighboring countries, we are next in line. We are obliged to prevent the formation of ghettos with low wages, low-quality work and abandoned regions, because this also happens in developed countries, if the income gap opens, Asen Vassilev was categorical. And he explained that the government wants to keep the income tax. With an adequate salary, people start to think about whether to return from abroad, he added.

He was adamant that a good balance is being achieved and revenues are growing faster than expenses.

He paid attention to looking at a horizon of 5-7 years, when the second pillar will become as important as the first.

For a large part of vulnerable groups, payments from DOO remain the main source of income, said Social Affairs Minister Ivanka Shalapatova.

Employers, as expected, did not agree with raising the minimum wage and the maximum social security income. Unions demanded more money for wages, unemployment benefits and a higher maximum income.

As “24 Chasa” already wrote, all pensions will be raised according to the classic Swiss rule from July 1, 2024. According to the latest calculations, this means an increase in the money of the elderly by 11 percent.

The minimum wage will rise by BGN 57.53 to BGN 580.57, and this will lead to an increase in pensions that depend on it – social and disability.

The social security for old age will be BGN 307.07. The average pension is expected to reach BGN 971. The ceiling remains unchanged – BGN 3,400. However, it also currently limits about 1,000 pensioners whose amount exceeds it.

Thus, a total of BGN 21.606 billion will be spent on pensions next year.

The maximum insurance income will also be raised to BGN 3,750, which is an increase of BGN 350. Between 270,000 and 290,000 people currently receive more than this amount. According to the business, this is not a fair formula.

The second year of maternity remains BGN 780. That will be the new leave for fathers, which they can use until the child turns 8. The business also demanded that the period of maternity be shortened.

And this year, the minimum unemployment benefit will be BGN 18 per day, and the maximum – BGN 85.71.

We are absolutely adamant that unemployment benefits must be lifted. The minimum should become BGN 24 and the maximum BGN 114, pointed out Asya Goneva from KNSB, however.

The one-time benefit for the death of an insured person remains BGN 540.

CT “Podkrepa” insists on a revision of the maximum insurance income, based on objective criteria. According to them, the proposed increase of the maximum insurance income from BGN 3,400 to BGN 3,750 is insufficient and only covers the growth of inflation and insurance income. According to them, it should is no less than BGN 4,700.

In the event that the National Assembly accepts an increase in the tax-insurance burden for workers and pensioners (increase in local taxes and fees, equating civil legal relationships with employment for the purposes of taxation, reduction of cash payments without reducing bank fees and others), despite the projected increase, the real disposable income will decrease, which is contrary to the goal of raising living standards, with the lowest-income groups being the most endangered, the union explained.

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