An explosion in an ammunition depot near Karnobat

An explosion in an ammunition depot near Karnobat
An explosion in an ammunition depot near Karnobat

An explosion at a scrap ammunition depot near Karnobat this morning had the authorities on their toes.

There were no victims or injured.

The warehouses of “Emko” are located on the territory of the former military units, the area is known as “Pogrebite”. The area is about 220 decares.

“At the moment there is only smoldering of certain foci at the place,” said the deputy mayor of the city, Stefka Ivanova.

The fire department is waiting for 2 drones that will inspect the place from above. There is a technological time that needs to pass to get on site and survey the damage.

“A fire broke out around 4am with a small explosion before that. What exactly happened is within the competence of the investigating authorities. According to the rules, earlier than 24 hours no one has access to the place where it happened. These are warehouses in which ammunition of no longer needed by the company is stored, the fate of which has not been decided – whether to be destroyed or processed,” said Emilian Gebrev, the arms manufacturer and owner of Emko, for bTV.

According to information from the mayor of Karnobat, Georgi Dimitrov, this is the first such incident in these warehouses.

In 2011, an explosion at a storage facility for the disposal of munitions in Petolatchka claimed lives and injured dozens.

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