The caretaker government is already in contact with Gazprom

The caretaker government is already in contact with Gazprom
The caretaker government is already in contact with Gazprom

Cabinet moves help Russians win future arbitration, expert believes

The caretaker government has sent information to Gazprom that it is ready to resume negotiations. This was announced by the acting Energy Minister Rosen Hristov in the studio of “Hello, Bulgaria” on Nova TV.

He explained that they expect a response from the Russian supplier today or at the latest on Monday next week. Among the proposals of the official cabinet is an extension of the period for taking the remaining quantities of gas. “There is no way we can use up the quantities of gas under this contract”, the energy minister is categorical, therefore their proposal is that they be accepted in 2023 as well. He explained that there will be no talks about resuming the contract. “We are only talking about the old contract”, stated Hristov and added that our main goal is to lower the price of the mix.

“We told them that we are ready to resume negotiations on the contract and that we have proposals for a number of amendments that would optimize it,” said Hristov. He even allowed himself to say that there were disputed terms of the contract and thus compromised our position in a future arbitration for non-fulfillment by Gazprom. On top of that, he also mentioned a possible annex to the existing contract. However, the caretaker minister hedged, saying that we will try to avoid advance payments, which hide the risk of currency conversion, and the provision of a bank guarantee will be sought.

According to the energy expert Vasko Nachev, after all the latest statements of people from the official office, one wonders where he is – in Moscow or in Sofia. He recalled that according to the rules of the contract in question, corrections can be requested every 6 months, but only 4 months remain until its end. “Any formal appeal to Gazprom automatically puts us at a disadvantage in future arbitration. Is that the purpose of the service cabinet? If that’s the case, let them say that we don’t want to condemn Gazprom, but we want them to condemn us. The subtext is like that. Regarding the quantities “not taken” by us, doesn’t the minister remember that the Russians, if they wanted, would have delivered them to us. I can’t imagine that there is a Bulgarian who would suggest such a thing. Around the ministers there is a whole army of lawyers for whom large sums are paid. The bad thing is that no one is responsible for anything in this country. After such statements, Bulgaria no longer has any useful moves in future arbitration”, warns Nachev. He added that the suspension of daily requests from Bulgargaz to Gazprom and the periodic advance payments announced by the acting minister, as per the current contract, practically places us in the column of the doomed.

The energy expert added that, on top of that, there are still outright lies on the air about how the two tankers we received from Total were 50% more expensive than Gazprom. Nachev also recalled the inaction of the cabinet to find free slots in Greece and Turkey for all 7 American tankers with liquefied natural gas. According to him, work cannot be done with just phone calls and Internet reference.


In connection with the statements of the official minister Rosen Hristvo from this morning on the air of Nova TV about the suspension of the daily requests from the Bulgarian side to “Gazpromexport” for import of Russian gas in Bulgaria, “Now” sent questions whether this is really the case. Responses from the state-owned company contradicted his words.

The press center of the gas company responded that Bulgargaz EAD sends to Gazprom Export OOO daily requests for natural gas supplies, according to the terms of the contract concluded between the parties, which, as of 04/27/2022, are not approved by the Russian company. “Bulgargaz” EAD does not make advance payments under the contract with OOO “Gazprom Export” due to the lack of an active bank account of the supplier in foreign currency and the refusal of “Bulgargaz” EAD to accept the proposed unilateral amendment of the method of payment, in accordance with the issued Decree of the president of the Russian Federation.

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