Stanimir Stoilov: There is no show without Levski

Levski head coach Stanimir Stoilov shared his expectations for tomorrow’s Super Cup clash against Ludogorets. The specialist announced at a press conference that now is the time for the “blues” to add another trophy and expects a show in the match. The game is tomorrow at 20:00 at the National Stadium.

“At the moment, everything is going normally, with the exception of Noah. All the players will be able to take part in the match. A good match in which we can see a football spectacle. Last season we had dynamic and good four clashes. Tomorrow is the time to show good football and to add a trophy to Levski’s showcase We are aware of the strength of our opponent and we are aware that they are a hegemon but the important thing is how we will play.


“I think both teams have nothing to lose. We won what we had to last season. This is a crown. The team that should win is Levski because we have been missing this trophy in recent years. Sundberg has become a key player in our team. An important player in the back line. He has been solid so far and we haven’t had any major complaints about him. In his absence, other players can take responsibility. We have other options to play in a three-man formation “, he added.

“In Bulgarian football, it is difficult for anyone to surprise the other. We know all the teams and coaches well. In the first four matches we were looking for some way to win. The success was variable. We also had successful matches against Ludogorets – 2:2. We will see tomorrow who will perform well on the pitch. When you win, it is said that you have found the wax, but I don’t think so. Both teams have claims to be leaders and Levski is already one. I want fair play and a good match. I think penalties have been a weak side. We’ve missed a lot of penalty kicks and I don’t think we should pay too much attention. I can see there aren’t many players taking penalties. We have problems in that area and I hope the game doesn’t it comes to penalties because we are not strong in this component. There are a lot of high-level players in Ludogorets. We always want to distinguish the Bulgarians – Despodov, Nedyalkov, Delev, I know that Yankov will not play, and Terziev is also there,” said the coach of the blue ones.

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Noah Sonko is penalized

“This match is scheduled before the start of the season and then the teams are not in good condition. There should be no pain on the pitch. If it comes to penalties, we should be more confident. Ludogorets has more confidence because in recent years they have won many trophies, and we have only one. Young people must grow with wins and losses. With us, one of the youngest Marin Petkov managed to score the last penalties. Nothing is known. At the moment, I have no idea who will take the penalty. I will decide in time of the match. I can also trust someone who missed out. Every team has its own problems. We can look for them in Ludogorets on the field, but not in front of the audience,” said Murray.

“The left wing must have it in the ambition to win. It must be leading. There is room for us to catch up. Our principle is to play to the maximum of our capabilities, but there must also be football intelligence in order to be competitive. Against Ludogorets it takes a combination of qualities to win,” he added.

“I spoke to Sonko about it and in my tone. I always look for our problems but Noah gave the referee the opportunity to show him a red card even though I didn’t see a tackle. I doubt there was a deliberate attempt. He apologized to the team. I’m not the person to give grades. I said after the game, God forbid the referees judge like that. I have no complaints about the referee’s decision. We are in completely different financial situations. A lot of funds have been found, thanks to the fans, the owners and the sponsor of the club. I don’t see companies to which we are not correct. But we are too far to say that Levski is saved. Ludogorets is far from that and if I were them I would be proud to sell and buy players . In Levski, we have a plan to build a team that is not ashamed to play on the field. Football players should receive deserved praise and all the respect, because this unity and love for the team would not have been there,” said Levski’s coach .

“Levski is a business project. Not a single lev or person has arrived at the club since I have been here. We should be proud that we are attracting financial resources, which is a great achievement, but we are still far from stability and there will be a realignment of forces soon. We will have deserved the income from the Super Cup, because there is a show with us. There is no show without Levski. I am satisfied with the business model, that we pay salaries and cover expenses. The road is difficult,” he added.

“Our players, and especially the Brazilians, can play against any opponent. We always want to be the team that holds the initiative. Everyone will try to defend their strategies on the field. It is fairest to win the match in regular time,” said Stoilov.

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