Nikolay Zhelyazkov: I will resign – Volleyball – National teams

Nikolay Zhelyazkov: I will resign – Volleyball – National teams
Nikolay Zhelyazkov: I will resign – Volleyball – National teams

The head coach of the men’s national team Nikolay Zhelyazkov has announced that he will resign.

The national team returned to Sofia after recording its worst performance at the world championships. Bulgaria finished 20th at the 2022 World Cup in Poland and Slovenia after 3 consecutive losses in Group C to Poland with 0:3, the USA with 0:3 and the outsider Mexico with 2:3.

“I will submit my resignation to the Management Board of the Bulgarian Volleyball Federation. I think this is the right thing to do,” Nikolay Zhelyazkov told journalists at Sofia Airport.

“I have not thought about what I will do if my resignation is not accepted, and I cannot think about it at the moment. However, I think it’s right to do it this way. I don’t want to guess what will happen,” he added.

Zhelyazkov admitted that he did not allow a loss to Mexico.

“It never crossed my mind that we could lose to Mexico. It’s a shame! I can’t answer why we lost. We failed completely against Mexico, we had chances against the USA… We have young guys coming from the bottom who are winning medals now. We shouldn’t be so pessimistic, but sometimes you have to take a step back. We did.

We need to keep these boys – they will be playing in the Olympic qualifiers for Paris 2024, the Volleyball Nations League and the 2023 European Championships, which we are hosting. If we had won a game against Poland or the USA, things could have turned out very differently. I don’t regret this rejuvenation one bit. This is the right direction for Bulgarian volleyball.

When the team loses, ways are looked for. These are our boys. You have to look ahead. I can’t be their judge. The conditions that were to be provided to us were given. I should not oblige someone to play for the national team. I want to thank everyone with whom I worked in this headquarters, because they are true professionals”, commented Niki Zhelyazkov.

The selector is aware that the losses will cause a wave of criticism towards the team.

“I stand behind all the players I have called up. Every one of them wanted to play for Bulgaria, but … In the Balkans, however, we love a lot and hate a lot. It’s normal when we lose, a lot of people spit. That’s normal. We don’t have the attitude , when we miss the target, to go out and play. We can’t be happy about that fact! Nobody cares. The atmosphere is very oppressive.

We have not spoken to Tsetso Sokolov about giving up. It is certainly not good what happened, but it is a fact. I am personally very sorry, but such is life”, Nikolay Zhelyazkov concluded.

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