A powerful American sucked and kicked out a weak Grigor from the US Open! – Tennis – Grand Slam

The best Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov dropped out of the US Open after a heavy loss with 0:3 sets [6:7 (5), 5:7, 3:6] by American Brendan Nakashima in his second match of the year’s final Grand Slam in 2 hours and 24 minutes of play.


In the first two sets, the game was equal, and in the first part, only the Bulgarian’s three double faults at the end of the tiebreak prevented him from recording success in it. In the second set, things were going to a new tiebreak, but in the last 12th game, the American made a breakthrough and took a 2:0 lead. There was very little battle in the third set, with the world No.19 being broken in the sixth game, and by the end, Nakashima had not let himself be taken by surprise and continued to advance in the tournament.

A big problem for Grigor in today’s match was his inefficient service, although the ratio of aces was equal – 12 each. Dimitrov also recorded five double faults, while his opponent did not commit a single one. The first serve percentage was 55 to 68% in favor of the representative of the hosts. Grigor hit 35 winners and made 41 errors, while his opponent was more efficient with 32 winning points and only 27 unforced errors.

In this way, the American will play for the first time in the third round of the competition, and Grisho continued the unpleasant trend of falling out in the second round of the tournament after the semifinal in 2019, which remains his best achievement.

FIRST SET 6:7 (5), 54 minutes:

1:0 – Grigor took a 30:0 lead after an unreturned second serve on the forehand, and then took a second point with a winner. However, Nakashima showed power from his forehand on his return and recorded the first point. Twice after that, the American found the lines, and the Haskovic sent a backhand into the net for 30 even. A quick next point and an unreturned straight serve ended the game in favor of Dimitrov.

1:1 – The American took the first point in the game, but then Grigor came into play and provoked a mistake by the opponent. A ball into the net from the American’s forehand put him under pressure at 15:30, but a great forehand leveled the scores. Nakashima’s backhand out, while Dimitrov’s break-ball, but he was reflected with a strong serve. Another unreturned kickoff led to a lead, and another tied the game.

2:1 – Grigor recorded the first straight ace in the draw field and was followed by one on the diagonal for 30:0. Nakashima got one point back with a deep return and then a nice forehand backhand. A return out of the American and a lifted backhand-winner of Dimitrov closed the game.

2:2 – Grigor sent a return in the out and 15:0 for Nakashima, who, however, missed a forehand for 15 equals. Another mistake from the American, and 15:30, but an unreturned serve restored the tie. Another one followed and a gameball for the American. Great passing backhand from Grisho’s forehand, but Nakashima’s ace gave him the advantage. A backhand error by the home representative led to another tie, but the next game was won on his forehand, and then a Dimitrov error and a return at the net ended the game.

3:2 – Quick two unreturned and an advance of 30:0 for Grigor. This was followed by an unreflected second opening blow to the opponent’s body. However, here came Dimitrov’s first double fault, but a third wonderful backhand-winner on the straight gave the Bulgarian a new lead in the set.

3:3 – A quick game of zero points for Nakashima after an unreturned diagonal serve, an excellent backhand, Dimitrov’s error and a direct service point.

4:3 – An unforced error from Grisho’s forehand and 0:15, but an unreturned forehand in the advantage box restored the tie. In the next play, Nakashima pressed with a forehand on the short diagonal, but Dimitrov answered the same and waited for an error for 30-15. Service-forehand-winner and 40:15, and an unreturned serve ended the game.

4:4 – The American’s ace for 15:0, but then made a mistake after playing a backhand. Grigor hit a nice forehand ball and caused Nakashima to miss for 15:30, and after a forced backhand on the American’s forehand, it came to two break points. The first was reflected after Grisho made a mistake, and the second also after an unsuccessful return of a second serve. A backhand error gave the American the advantage and an unreturned serve brought things back to level games.

5:4 – Express game for Grigor at zero points. In the game, he places a nice backhand-volley from almost the middle of the court and a beautiful forehand on the reverse diagonal. An unreturned second serve ended the game.

5:5 – New fast service game for the American and again at zero points.

6:5 – The series of express games at zero continued. Grigor quickly took a 40-0 lead and closed out the game with an elegant forehand complete with a passing forehand backhand.

6:6 – Nakashima took a 30-0 lead after good forehands, but then missed an unchallenged forehand at 30-15. Backhand-return in the net on the second serve from Grigor’s racket and gameball for the server, but another mistake by the American and 40:30. Dimitrov’s unprovoked overhand forehand meant an out and a tiebreak.

TIE BREAK – 6:7 and a set for Nakashima! The beginning of the tiebreak was bad for Dimitrov, who allowed an early mini-break after sending a forehand into the net. An unreflected serve led to 0:2, but Nakashima also forced his shot with the front side of the racket on the reverse diagonal for 1:2. From his next return on the short diagonal, however, the American won the game and a new mini-break for 1:3. An unreturned second serve on the right in the draw field brought a point for Dimitrov – 2:3. A forehand out in front of an empty court by Nakashima restored equality in all respects – 3:3. Grigor placed two magnificent forehands and despite the opponent’s defense, the mini-breakthrough in Bulgaria’s favor became a fact for 4:3. Double fault and 4:4, and another one followed. The American had two serves to win the tiebreak, but he too succumbed to the pressure and sent a forehand into the net for 5:5. A straight forehand straight after the serve earned him a set point though, and Grisho’s third double fault in a row ended a disappointing tiebreak in 54 minutes of play.


SECOND SET 5:7 (55 minutes):

0:1 – The success in the first set boosted the self-confidence of Nakashima, who quickly took the lead in the second part after a zero-point game. His service on the diagonals made it difficult for Dimitrov, and luck was on his side because he continued to “catch” the lines.

1:1 – Mistake by Nakashima for 15:0, but Dimitrov waited for an inaccuracy on the next play for 30:0, and then went to the net and pulled with 40:0 after two backhand volleys. The American again showed the strength of his forehand and recorded a winner, but an ace from the second serve on the diagonal leveled the games.

1:2 – Out of Grigor from the backhand on the return, but Nakashima made a mistake from the forehand for 15 even. Backhand-winner for the American in the next play, and then Grigor sent a backhand into the net for 40:15. Unreflected service and a new advance for Nakashima in the result.

2:2 – Two consecutive aces for the Bulgarian for 30:0, and then “help” from the fillet brought him a quick gameblo. However, he then misfired with the back of the racquet near the net, and a smash from the middle of the court proved to be the winner for Nakashima and he was able to cut it to 40-30. However, the Haskovian managed to take her game after a backhand on the right.

2:3 – Missed chance for Grigor! Unreturned serve and error by Nakashima, followed by another at 15:30. However, the American responded with an ace on the diagonal in the box advantage for 30 even. Great defense and an excellent counterattack by Grigor, which was finished with a forehand winner, took him to a break point. Nakashima’s counter-play after the execution of his serve brought things to deuce, and an unprovoked error by the Bulgarian and an advantage for the American. New such mistake and Nakashima saved his submission.

3:3 – Longest game so far Grigor managed to save two break points! He trailed by 0:15 and then a backhand shot found the net for 0:30. However, the Bulgarian hit an excellent forehand winner and reduced his points gap. A superb backhand and between-the-legs performance from Grigor sent the crowd into a frenzy as he subsequently won the shootout for 30 par. An unreturned serve gave him game point, but a failed forehand backhand attempt led to deuce. An unprovoked wrong forehand provided the opponent’s first break point of the match, but Dimitrov countered it with his forehand. However, his wrong backhand volley at the net brought another opportunity for Nakashima to break through, only the Bulgarian saved himself again with a service forehand. Unreflected serve and advantage, and the American’s intercepted return shot ended the game.

3:4 – Another easy service game for Nakashima, who gave only one point to Grigor after a net error for 30:15, but with two unreturned serves he took his serve.

4:4 – Second consecutive difficult service game for Dimitrov! The American took the first point, but then forced a backhand down the straight for 15-all. Grigor’s fifth double fault and 15:30, but then makes up for it with a forehand winner. An unprovoked error with the front of the Bulgarian’s racquet and he had to cover a break point, but managed a forehand on the forehand. A missed serve gave her the advantage, but then a failed short ball allowed Nakashima to catch up and attack for another deuce. A combination of forehand and forehand again and another advantage for Grisho, but this was followed by another unprovoked forehand error. However, the American also made a mistake, and the Bulgarian finished the game with a winning shot on the forehand after serving.

4:5 – Another solid service game for Nakashima at zero points.

5:5 – Nakashima took the first point in Grigor’s service game, who, however, turned around and took matters into his own hands. The Bulgarian finished the game with a service-forehand combination.

5:6 – The American continued to be merciless on his serve – another game at zero points.

5:7, break, game and set for Nakashima! Grisho took the first point of the game, but the American responded with an excellent forehand winner for 15 even. Grigor’s backhand error and 15:30, and a series of several “caught”, once again, opponent’s lines led to two set points. A forehand service from Dimitrov’s racket deflected the first opportunity, but the American’s forehand forehand ended the second set in his favor.

THIRD SET 3:6 (34 minutes):

0:1 – An even first game at the start of the third part, with Dimitrov reaching a break point at 30:40, which was, however, repelled by the American. It was reached after a long play, which ended with an inaccuracy of the American, but again his good serve got him out, and in the end he managed to save his serve.

1:1 – Finally, an easy and quick service game for Grisho, which ended with zero points.

1:2 – Although it was tied at 15:15, Nakashima took serve after an unprovoked backhand misfire and an unreturned serve from Grigor’s racket.

2:2 – Again Grigor had to save three break points! A backhand inaccuracy from a deep return brought it to 15:30, and another on the forehand left him with the new task of saving two break points. The first was reflected with an unreturned initial shot on the diagonal, and the second with an ace on the straight in the advantage box. Another unsuccessful backhand, however, provided the opponent with a third chance to break through, but again an unreflected opening shot led to a second deuce. Ace on the diagonal and advantage for Grigor, who saved his serve with another direct point.

2:3 – Another express game for Nakashima, who ended with an ace and once again at zero points.

2:4 and breakthrough for Nakashima! Return-winner for 15:0 in favor of the American, but Dimitrov responded with a direct service point for 15 equals. A forehand error and another advantage for the home representative, and another backhand gave him another break point. Grigor’s ace on the diagonal reflected the first break-ball, but another shot with the back of the racket into the net led to a breakthrough – 2:4.

2:5 – The Bulgarian started well with a return and a winning backhand on the diagonal, but an unreturned second serve equalized at 15:15. An ace on the right in the draw field made it 30:15, and an unreturned serve brought things to 40:15. A successful backhand return cut it to 30:40, but Nakashima served another ace to force Grigor to serve to stay in the match.

3:5 – A quick game for Grigor at zero points, with which he kept his chances, but now he had to look for a mandatory break on his opponent’s serve.

3:6, game, set and match for Nakashima! Unprovoked wrong forehand from the leading position and 0:15 behind for Grigor. A backhand into the net, again unprovoked, and it was followed by an ace from the American, who had three match points. Nakashima’s forehand winner won him the point, the game, the set and the match against Dimitrov – 6:7 (5), 5:7, 3:6.

FT | GRIGOR DIMITROV – BRANDON NAKASHIMA 0:3 [6:7 (5), 5:7, 3:6] the set

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