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A partial state of emergency has been declared in five villages in the Sub-Balkan region following heavy rains that fell in the area last night. The Sub-Balkan road is closed to traffic due to flooded sections in the area of ​​the village of Rozino.


A new downpour flooded Karlovo (VIDEO)

The disaster affected the villages of Bogdan, Rozino, Karavelovo, Stoletovo and Slatina. The situation is worst in Bogdan, where the Stryama river has overflowed its bed. According to NOVA, the cause of the disaster was a broken levee on the river. There are flooded houses and shops. Evacuation of people living on 2nd Street was also required, including four children and single adults. A person stuck with his car on the bridge in the village was also rescued.

“The good news is that there were no injuries or deaths,” regional governor Angel Stoev said at a briefing. At the moment, the reported damages are only material. There are 3 destroyed houses in the village of Slatina, 1 in the village of Bogdan and several destroyed fences or parts of houses in the village of Karavelovo. The situation in the village of Bogdan remains the most difficult, due to the destroyed bridges and roads. A rescue operation is underway there. There are 100 military personnel on site, as well as fire and emergency aid and prevention teams.

“So far, 20 people have been rescued by helicopter,” Stoev said.

The injured will be admitted to the hospital in Karlovo.

Commissioner Nikolay Nikolov explained that in two places the dykes along the Stryama River were damaged, but they did not pose an additional danger. According to him, Minister Shishkov is expected to arrive at the site to inspect the damage.

An investigation is underway by the National Investigation Agency. “A team of investigators is conducting an investigation into the commission of a crime – causing a flood through negligence,” said Yuliana Petkova, deputy director of the NSS.

A helicopter is operating at the most critical points and will continue to operate until daylight, added Admiral Emil Eftimov and specified that a second helicopter is ready.

The movement of trains to Burgas in the Karlovo area has been stopped. The train station in Sopot is also under water.

Two emergency medical teams from CSMP Plovdiv have been sent to Karlovo. If necessary, the teams will provide urgent assistance to the evacuated residents in the affected by the heavy rains and flooded settlements in Karlovsko. With the new additions, the mobile teams in the area are doubled.

The Minister of Health, Dr. Asen Medizhiev, is in constant contact with the Minister of Defense, Dimitar Stoyanov, and if necessary, medical assistance in the affected areas will be further strengthened.

Byala Reka and Topolitsa also crossed in Koprivshtitsa. Much of the streets in the low-lying parts of the city have turned into rivers.

At the moment, there is no information about injured people.

Most of the damage is from the White River, whose channel is narrower, so it exited it. Heavy equipment is needed to clean it. However, this will happen after the rain stops. The municipality has yet to make an inventory of the damage.

There are flooded roads in other places in the region. Among the blocked arteries is the one to Moskovets. There is no electricity or internet connection in the villages.


VMZ-Sopot also suffered from the heavy rains that night. There are flooded warehouses and production workshops. Electricity has been turned off at the production part in Sopot to prevent an accident, reports the Ministry of Economy and Industry. Deputy Minister Irina Stonova traveled to the plant to familiarize herself with the situation on the spot.

Shortly after 2 p.m., the authorities announced that the “Troyan-Karnare” pass was also closed to traffic. Cars can pass through the Shipka pass, and trucks – through Hainboaz.

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