Zombies, samurai and Krasi Radkov (VIDEO)

Zombies, samurai and Krasi Radkov (VIDEO)
Zombies, samurai and Krasi Radkov (VIDEO)

A pre-election clip with a mildly strange plot was released by the party of Slavi Trifonov “There is such a people” after the campaign for the October 2 parliamentary vote began at midnight.

The video, posted on Trifonov’s Facebook account, begins with a shot of a man being chased by hundreds of zombies. Then, managing to escape from them, he jumps over a fence and confronts…three samurai, one of whom is the actor from “Slavi’s Show” Krasi Radkov.

After a hackneyed attempt at a joke between the two heroes, a battle between the samurai and the zombies follows, and Trifonov’s voice calls on the citizens to vote for “There is such a people”. The clip ends with the slogan of the party’s election campaign – “Alone against all”.

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