Gazprom suspends Nord Stream 1 indefinitely

“Gazprom” raised the possibility of a long-term suspension of natural gas supplies to Europe through a key pipeline to Germany, citing the need for emergency maintenance, The Independent, CNN and the Financial Times reported.

The Russian state energy company said in a social media post that it was identified “malfunctions” of a key turbine on the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline“, which transports natural gas from Western Russia to Germany.

The pipeline will not work unless they are eliminated.

France is turning on all its nuclear power plants and nuclear reactors by winter

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Early on Wednesday, Gazprom completely stopped the flow of gas through Nord Stream 1” in line with an earlier announcement, adding that the shutdown would last three days.

The company said work was needed on the only remaining functioning turbine at the Portovaya compressor station on the Russian end of the pipeline, but German officials questioned that explanation.

That was it the latest development in the saga in which Gazprom cited technical problems as the reason for the reduction in gas flows through Nord Stream 1 – explanations that German officials dismissed as a cover for a political game after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Gazprom said leaks were detected from four turbines at the Portovaya compressor station on the Russian end of the pipeline, including the only operating one.

She claims to have received warnings from the Russian Industrial Safety Service that leaks “do not allow safe and trouble-free operation of the gas turbine engine“.

With a price ceiling, there will be no Russian gas in Europe at all, Medvedev warned

It would be like with oil

“In connection with this, it is necessary to take appropriate measures and to suspend further operation of the … gas compressor unit in connection with the established gross (safety) violations,” the company said.

Through in recent weeks, Nord Stream 1 has been operating at only 20 percent of its capacity.

Meanwhile the US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on Friday that Russia will find it profitable to sell oil at a price set by Western countriesbecause otherwise it will have to stop production and her ability to resume production will suffer permanent damage.

Yellen told MSNBC that the plan to A G-7 price ceiling would reduce Moscow’s available war funds in Ukraine. “They will do much better economically if they choose to sell at the price ceiling than if they shut down,” she said of Russia.

The announcement from “Gazprom” came just hours after the G-7 stated that they are continuing with their plan to impose a price cap on oil exports from Russia.

The G7 countries unanimously adopted a ceiling on the price of Russian oil

The G7 countries unanimously adopted a ceiling on the price of Russian oil

The measure takes effect on December 5 for crude oil and on February 5 for refined products

Moscow cut pipeline supplies to 40 percent of capacity in June and to 20 percent in July, blaming maintenance problems and sanctions that Russia says are preventing the return and installation of equipment.

Reduced flows through Nord Stream have complicated efforts across Europe to stockpile enough gas for the winter, as European governments fear Russia could cut off gas supplies entirely.

In this regard, the political agreement reached by the Council in record time on the basis of the Commission’s proposal tabled last week was voted at EU level, which will ensure organized and coordinated reduction of gas consumption throughout the EU, to prepare for the coming winter. The agreement reached on a collective commitment to reduce consumption by 15% is of great importance and will help meet the winter with full gas reservoirs.

Gazprom’s announcement that it is further reducing Nord Stream 1 gas supplies to Europe without a valid technical reason further illustrates Russia’s unreliable nature as an energy supplier, the European Commission said.

Russia showed Europe the way out of the energy crisis -

Russia showed Europe the way out of the energy crisis – “Nord Stream 2”

The energy security of the Old Continent was impossible without Russia

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