Painful statistics for Levski in the matches decided by penalties

Levski conceded against Ludogorets its 14th loss on penalties in 23 matches for the national cup, the Super Cup and European tournaments decided by penalty kicks. The statistics are uncompromising – in nearly 61 percent of the cases, the “blues” leave the field with their heads down, writes “Tema Sport”.

In all 3 competitions their balance is negative. The paradox is that in each of them they started with a victory. Misses from the penalty spot directly cost them 4 trophies – thus 2 finals for the cup and 2 for the Super Cup were lost.

It all started for them in the summer of 1964 in the 1/8-final rematch for the cup against Lokomotiv Gorna Oryahovitsa. After the embarrassing 0:3 away loss in the first leg, in the second leg the favorite quickly scored two goals until the 11th minute through Dimitar Yordanov-Kukusha and Georgi Asparuhov-Gundy and it looks like they will get away with just the scare from the first leg.

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“That’s the thing I couldn’t fight for”

Yes, but the third goal, which will balance the scales in the dispute, does not fall and does not fall. The nerves are stretched to the limit when, in the last minute, after a genius pass by Asparuhov, the clever winger Sasho Kostov brings the match to penalties. Their moods swing from one extreme to the other. It’s a nightmare start for the Blues as Gundy sends the ball wide. However, the remaining four performers of the hosts Georgi Zlatkov-Begacha, Ivan Zdravkov-Jack Rabi (Antoni Zdravkov’s father), Georgi Sokolov-Sokoleto and Ivan Vutsov do not make a mistake and it is the visiting team’s turn.

Then the spectators are amazed to see the show of the Falcon, who, in an almost spiritual trance, casts strange spells over the ball with gestures, facial expressions and words. Judge Nikola Dundarov is so shocked that he does not sanction the blue star at all. Gornooryakhovtsi are even more shocked than the referee and the first two performers Vasil Simeonov and Dobri Blaskov do not hit the blue goal.

This is how the penalties for Levski began – with joy, but then more often they turned into sorrow.

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See the penalty

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