A cult match! I wish the players to experience the strong emotion!

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Today’s Plovdiv derby is awaited with great interest. Botev is at the bottom of the standings and this is one of the opportunities for the team to get out of there and go up. For Lokomotiv, it is a great moment to further deepen the crisis at their city rival and bring great joy to their supporters.

What will happen in such an unpredictable match? Here is the opinion of the former national coach Yasen Petrov about the important things before the Lauta clash.

“This is a cult derby! Over the years, many Bulgarian footballers have participated in it and left an unforgettable mark. Now times have changed and many foreign footballers are present in this match. I wish them to fully experience the strong emotion and perform well level. I want the quality of football being played to be appropriate. To satisfy the fans, because this derby apart from the people on the pitch and the supporters make it so significant. Let everything be a football show and not have other, extraneous things, to talk about afterwards. Neither on the field nor in the stands. The spectators should be satisfied at the end of the match and enjoy the game,” Petrov told BetNews.

The former coach of the national team reminded that this is still only one game. In it, everyone should behave correctly and have pleasant experiences.

“Let’s not forget that this is a nice game. And after it, the king and queen, the pawns, the rook and the knight go back into one box. I hope we have pleasant experiences again. They will be like that, of course, for the winner , they will be different for the loser.”

Both teams have new coaches. Aleksandar Tomas took over Lokomotiv Plovdiv as planned, while Želko Kopić had to replace Azrudin Valentić on the fly. Will the Bulgarian have an advantage because of his longer presence in our football?

“In this match, no one will have an advantage. There is no way to be a favorite or somehow have a greater chance to win. We have witnessed all kinds of twists and turns and surprises. Everything in the match starts 50-50, more equal and without jokers”, Yasen Petrov explained his point of view.

There is one player that Botev’s supporters would count on a lot if he was in the stadium as a team. After the accident in Georgia with the national team bus, the “canaries” are still waiting for him to please them again with his football performances.

“Definitely he will be greatly missed in this derby. One of the few really talented Bulgarian footballers. There are not many like him in our championship and it is a pity that he will not be present on the field. Nedelev can give a completely different look to the match, decide with one play the outcome and the result, as he has done more than once. Todor has a high football intelligence and it has always delighted the fans,” said Petrov.

The captain of Lokomotiv Plovdiv Dimitar Iliev has been in crisis since the beginning of the season. So far, he has not scored a goal and this is one of the big problems for the “Smurfs” in the efbet League. However, in his interview, he threatened that it is time to “break the rope” by scoring tomorrow in the goal of the big rival.

“The best thing for him, of course, is to score in this match. Psychologically, this will have a tonic effect on him and will be of great importance for the following matches and the rest of the season. Winning a derby like this psychologically gives a positive boost not only to the scorer goal, but the team also won the match”, Yasen Petrov added on the subject.

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