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Liz Trust is the new Prime Minister of Great Britain. The election took place within the ruling Conservative Party.

Tomorrow she will be received by Queen Elizabeth II to be appointed to the post of Prime Minister of Great Britain. Truss, who was the minister of foreign affairs, received 81 thousand votes from the members of the patria.

Her rival for the leadership post Rushi Sunak gathered the support of 60,000 voters.

Minutes after she was announced as the winner, Liz Truss thanked former Prime Minister Boris Johnson for standing up to Vladimir Putin, for Brexit and for the successful vaccination campaign against COVID-19. “It is an honor to be elected leader of the Conservative Party. I would like to thank the electoral commission, its chairman and the party members for organizing the longest job interview. Thank you very much! I would also like to thank my family, my friends and my fellow politicians and all those who helped with this campaign. I am incredibly grateful for all of your support,” she said.

The leadership campaign officially began on July 12, with eight candidates receiving the necessary support from 20 of their fellow MPs. MPs voted in five rounds, with Rishi Sunak leading the parliament. However, he was not so popular among the rank-and-file members of the leadership of the Tories, who had the right to decide on the last two candidates, BGNES recalls.

Until a year ago, when Boris Johnson appointed Truss as Foreign Secretary, the 47-year-old political figure was actually better known only to members of the Conservative Party.


This is surprising, since Truss is one of the few ministers who have held government posts without interruption since 2012, and since 2014 – even with cabinet rank. That she managed to survive first the replacement of David Cameron with Theresa May’s first government and then the party purges under Boris Johnson is an achievement in itself. Critics attribute this to her long unremarkable profile, while supporters attribute it to the quality of her work in government.


Trots was born in Oxford, the daughter of a mathematics professor and a teacher. She studied in Scotland, where her father was a researcher. When the family moved back to Leeds for work, Truss was 13 and had three younger brothers. It was these years at Leeds State High School that Truss identified as his political springboard during the election campaign.

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