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After the enormous damage caused by the torrential rains in Karlovsko, from today the real work begins to clear the tons of mud that covered the populated areas. Heavy equipment entered the most affected parts of the villages of Bogdan, Karavelovo and Slatina.


On the fourth day, Ivan and Stoyanka Kraevi wonder how to get into their home and remove the tons of mud. The entrance to the ground floor is impassable. The family has experienced a real nightmare. The water trapped him on the first floor and he had to escape through the window. Due to worry, Ivan got a facial distortion.

People are powerless to deal with the consequences of the flood on their own and are demanding more serious intervention by all municipal and state services. “There are an awful lot of homes and public buildings that need to be cleaned. On Sunday, we had over 200 people in Karavelovo, Bogdan, Slatina with the necessary equipment,” explained Defense Minister Dimitar Stoyanov.

According to him and according to the judgment of the people, the return to the normal rhythm of life will take months.


The clearing of the flood damage in Karavelovo has begun. Since early this morning, heavy machinery has been operating in the settlement. The teams are trying to free the impassable center of the village. Every household that has suffered will receive a one-time financial aid from the state.

However, there is still a problem with water supply and electricity in the settlement. The rest of the distressed villages are also without electricity. 80 military personnel are on the ground. “We provide assistance in clearing the streets and public places – where the equipment itself cannot,” said the commander of the 61st Stryam Brigade, Brigadier General. Deyan Deshkov.

The local government provided mineral water to every family. In addition to a one-time aid of BGN 375, households whose houses were destroyed will receive additional compensation from the Interdepartmental Commission for Disasters and Accidents.

People are currently in dire need of packaged food products. A bank account was opened to help the injured population.


The Plovdiv village of Trilistnik is also gradually recovering after Saturday’s flooding. The water in the taps is drinkable, but there is no electricity for the third day.

After the flood, there are currently around 100 uninhabited houses. In them, the ground and first floors are still flooded with water and a huge amount of mud. One house was demolished, and dozens of buildings and fences collapsed. Four other houses were seriously damaged.

There is still no electricity in Trilistnik because the foundations of the transformer in the village are flooded. The damage to agricultural crops is also serious. Tons of vegetables, wheat and sunflowers were destroyed.

“As of now, the situation is under control. The damage is yet to be described”, commented the mayor of Maritsa Municipality, Dimitar Ivanov.

King Kaloyan

15 years after the devastating flood in Tsar Kaloyan, on Friday evening again the water swept away part of the settlement. The ground floors of houses were flooded, and cars and agricultural machinery were dragged by the water into the town’s canal.

Three days after the downpour in the settlement, they managed to remove the cars and clear the sediments and mud in the central part. However, the people of Tsar Kaloyan believe that not only the torrential rain is the cause of another flood. According to the locals, since 2007, the channel that drains the water from the catchment areas has not been cleaned.

In some places, dams were formed from fallen trees and vegetation, and therefore the tidal wave reached a height of nearly two meters.


The authorities’ comment on the current situation

The regional governor of Plovdiv, Angel Stoev, indicated that the number of people on the ground who are busy with the clean-up has increased.

In Karavelovo – 10 trucks, 12 dump trucks, 6 crawler excavators, 2 trucks, 60 volunteers and 60 soldiers with 5 chainsaws are working.

In the village of Bogdan – 10 tractors, 1 tracked tractor, 5 dump trucks, 4 tracked excavators, 1 truck with a clamp, 20 volunteers, 93 soldiers with another excavator and 4 cutters.

In the village of Slatina – 5 excavators, 2 dump trucks, 8 dump trucks, 2 trucks with clamps, 40 soldiers with 4 chainsaws, 10 foresters with chainsaws and 25 volunteers. Equipment from private companies is additionally negotiated for Slatina.

API explained that they brought 15 dump trucks, 6 combined excavators. There are 40 people from the national toll administration and 30 from “Automagistrali” on the ground.

The mayor of Karlovo, Emil Kabaivanov, indicated that everyone with affected homes has been sheltered. 300 portions of food are distributed per day. 30,000 bottles of water are provided. Describing the damage continues.


He also stated that for now it is assumed that the cause of the disaster is the huge amount of rain – about 200 liters per square meter.

“There are over 10,000 cubic meters of timber in the area of ​​these three locations. It is about to be pulled out, cut up and hauled away. Part of it will go to the residents of these three villages for firewood. There is a huge amount of earth and rock mass”, specified Kabaivanov.

According to him, it will take about two weeks to clear the villages. After that, restoration work will begin.


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