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The head coach of Levski – Stanimir Stoilov, was satisfied with the performance of his team during the condensed cycle of matches in the past week. The Blues beat Botev Vratsa and Arda, and on Thursday played a very strong game against Ludogorets, but failed to win the Super Cup.

Today, the people of Sofia beat Arda 2:0 and recorded a fifth consecutive victory in the championship. In this series, the “blues” did not allow a goal.

Stoilov also stated that the team has already received offers for specific players worth millions, but the club has refused them.

Desislava Komarova

“I’m happy with how the team went into the game. We controlled the game in the first half but maybe we should have scored another goal to be more calm. We are still struggling with the last shot and the last pass, but there was desire and aggression. In the second half, we lost control, but it didn’t lead to situations in front of our goal.”

“Given the tough game this week, it’s not unexpected. In 7-8 days we played three matches and I am satisfied”.

“With us, all players can score and have the necessary qualities. We will solve the problems only with work and patience, because this is the team we will work with until the new year.”

“We patiently work with young people, we try to develop them. Expectations and requirements are very high for them. With the exception of Ivelin and Georgi, the others are up to 25 years old. We have an extremely young team to develop. That’s why I worry from time to time about the fragile team. The boys are trying. Everyone needs to add quite a bit to take the team a step further. I know our capabilities, so I am very careful with promises. Evelyn looked good today. I had concerns about Georgi Milanov because he also had COVID. We saved it, it came in at the end.”

Desislava Komarova

“The dry nets a lot of times are because we have to work extremely hard in defense. We have to keep working and building.”

“Now I have variability in the midfield and attack. I will not give anything to anyone for free. Everyone has to fight for their place. Now the competition is too fragile”.

“The opponents so far have not been of our class, but we have struggled against such opponents before. We are winning easily now. Levski has more important things than taking a player.”

“In December, we had a BGN 0 offer for our players. Levski can now afford to refuse offers worth millions in euros. This is a good certificate that the club is already working properly. We have a million offers, some I refuse. There is daily interest in all young players. No offer has been accepted at this stage. At this stage, we clearly don’t have to sell,” said Stoilov after the match.

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