Bulgaria will export electricity to North Macedonia in the winter – Politics – Bulgaria – NOVA news

Bulgaria will export electricity to North Macedonia in the winter – Politics – Bulgaria – NOVA news
Bulgaria will export electricity to North Macedonia in the winter – Politics – Bulgaria – NOVA news

We very quickly responded to the appeal for help from the Republic of North Macedonia to solve the challenges facing the country in the energy sector. We discussed specific opportunities for electricity and natural gas transmission – both for the needs of industry and for residential users of PCM. This was stated by Prime Minister Galab Donev at a joint briefing with RSM Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski. The two discussed the supply of electricity to meet business needs amid the global energy crisis.

“Today, during the talks we held, we both reaffirmed the good assessment we have of the created preconditions for the positive development of the dialogue between our two countries and that we will consistently work to deepen constructive cooperation in all areas of mutual interest, we strive to cover all the areas included in the Treaty of Good Neighborhood and Cooperation between the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia,” stressed acting Prime Minister Galab Donev for his part.

He indicated that for the period until March 31, 2023, it was agreed to export about 200 megawatt hours of basic electricity. According to him, agreements will also be reached for the storage of natural gas in Chiren, so that RS Macedonia can benefit from its participation in the terminal in Alexandroupolis. “Thus, supplies of liquefied gas will be able to be more balanced without the country experiencing additional difficulties,” the Bulgarian Prime Minister is emphatic.

“The main topic on which we talked with Prime Minister Donev and his delegation was the energy crisis, which has shaken all the economies of the world. If two years ago we were fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, which blocked the world, and the shortage of vaccines – now we are fighting the shortage of electricity and expensive energy carriers, which bring big problems for both citizens and businesses,” he pointed out.

According to him, the supply of electricity has been agreed to ensure the needs of the business. “For this purpose, a working group composed of experts from the ministries of energy and economy of our two countries will be formed. They will discuss the technical parameters for the supply of electricity, the capacity and the prices, which will be determined according to the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria and that of the RSM”, said the North Macedonian Prime Minister.

From what Kovachevski said, it became clear that the two prime ministers also talked about the possibilities of the “Chiren” gas storage facility. The PM of RSM also expressed hope that within two weeks there will be a solution for both Skopje and Sofia, as well as for businesses and household consumers.

After his meeting with Prime Minister Donev Kovachevski, he also met with President Rumen Radev. “Bulgaria is one of the largest producers of electricity in the region. We have agreed with the government to form a working group to discuss the details of the export of electricity to Skopje”, said the Prime Minister of RSM Kovachevski during his meeting with the head of state.

“Bulgaria will once again stand in solidarity with fraternal Macedonia”. This was stated by President Rumen Radev, quoted by BGNES. The head of state emphasized that our relations with the RSM have stood on a solid foundation that is beyond the political conjuncture.

“This is the foundation that is the basis of Bulgaria’s decisions to unreservedly support Macedonia since the recognition of the country’s statehood and independence, through the insistence on the preventive contingent of the UN in the event of the breakup of the former Yugoslavia, through the provision of assistance during the embargo, through the provision of military-technical assistance, in the event of catastrophes and natural disasters,” added the head of state.

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