No more “wooden” holidays

No more “wooden” holidays
No more “wooden” holidays

“The academic year will start in person, I want it to remain that way, and it should continue. The present form of training is of great importance for the educational process”.

This was stated by the Acting Minister of Education Prof. Sasho Penov to the BNR and specified that they and the Ministry of Health have made a joint decision that “the entire educational process will not be interrupted because of the Covid situation”:

The Acting Minister of Education stated that “the entire executive branch will do everything possible to avoid so-called wooden holidays”:

“There are relationships between the budget managers themselves, who, when assessing the specific situation in specific schools, can find mechanisms that contribute to taking measures that lead to schools not being closed due to lack of heating.”

“When there are sick children in a class, only then can education in an electronic environment be achieved for the class itself, and not for the whole school”.

In 2,347 schools and 1,799 kindergartens, the school year will begin, all the materials that must be provided to students free of charge have been prepared, he announced.

“Schools have a significant amount of equipment – computers, electronic boards, etc., there is no shortage. It is very important to continue the activity on the mechanism of coverage of students, to take all care so that all children who are subject to education, to be covered. More and more children are covered by the mechanism, this is a joint activity of the Ministry of the Interior with the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy. Currently, 1,222 outreach teams have been formed, in which 18,244 people participate.” stressed the acting minister of education.

According to Prof. Penov, there is no shortage of teachers, the announced vacancies in the regional administrations of education must be filled by September 15:

“Now, teachers and staff are being sought in 448 schools and kindergartens. … It is sometimes a matter of movement of teachers from one place to another. There are not enough teachers for some subjects – mathematics, foreign languages ​​and information technologies”.

Prof. Penov stated that the Ministry of Education and Science has collected information on the methods of heating the schools in the country, so that when making calculations, it is possible to know what mechanisms are needed to ensure the missing financial means for heating them.

“I am glad that the contestation of the Ordinance on competitions for school principals happened at the very beginning. When the content of the Ordinance is specified, in the form that corresponds to the Law, then this content will be edited and competitions will be held in the order provided in it, because that is what the Law stipulates – according to the order and conditions provided by the Ordinance. These conditions should not add to the law,” commented Minister Penov.

According to him, the proposal for the form of management of school activity should come from the professional circles, and not from the political will.

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