The police officer from the village of Milevo, accused of murder, is being defended with a protest

Residents of the Plovdiv village of Milevo are organizing a peaceful protest in support of the police officer Angel Georgiev, accused of murder by beating, “Maritsa” learned from its sources. It will be attended by relatives, friends and acquaintances of the uniformed man from the subdivision in Sadovo, according to whom he was deceived and is not at all to blame for the tragedy that unfolded at the meeting in Milevo.

The protest will start at 09.00 in the morning in front of the Court of Appeal in Plovdiv. An hour later, the magistrates will consider Georgiev’s measure. Last week, the District Court ordered his permanent detention. The lawyer of the policeman – Evgeni Kostadinov believes that his client was not only deceived, but also tried to prevent the tragedy that ended with the death of 47-year-old Ognyan.

According to the prosecution, a dispute arose between the police officer and the victim, during which the uniformed officer inflicted a fatal beating on his opponent. He then dumped the lifeless body, which was discovered a few hours later.

The lawyer pointed out that three people from Karadjovo, who got into a fight with the dead Ognyan, are guilty. “They should be in the courtroom, not Angel,” Adv. Kostadinov. According to him, the policeman intervened to break them up and did nothing wrong. On the contrary, he acted professionally. Ognyan pulled out a knife, and Angel took it from his hands with a professional grip so as not to hurt anyone. The defense requests a measure of “house arrest” or “cash bail”.

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