Ukraine discovered a mass grave with 440 bodies in Izyum

Ukrainian authorities have discovered a mass grave with more than 440 bodies in the northeastern city of Izyum, which was retaken days ago by Ukraine from the control of Russian forces.

This was announced by a representative of the regional police, adding that some of the people were killed in shelling and airstrikes, Reuters reported.

“Reuters” explicitly emphasizes that it cannot verify Ukraine’s claim, nor has it been received public comment from Russia on the claim.

Official: Russia withdraws from Balakleia and Izyum

“Special Military Operation” is headed to Donetsk and rebranded with a new sign

President Volodymyr Zelensky, who made a surprise visit to Izyum on Wednesday to greet Ukrainian troops, blamed Russia and compared the discovery with what happened in Bucha, on the outskirts of the capital Kyiv in the early stages of the late February invasion by Russian forces.

Ukraine and its Western allies have accused Russian forces of committing war crimes there. Tens of thousands of civilians may have been killed in a separate Russian attack on the southern port of Mariupol, Ukrainian officials said in April.

Russia is leaving death in its wake everywhere and must be held accountableZelensky said in a video message late Thursday.

Zelensky visited Izyum

He promised the liberation of Crimea

Russia denies attacking civilians or committed war crimes.

Izyum is a town in the southern part of Kharkiv Oblast, which the Russian army captured in early April. The city had great strategic importance for the advance of Russian troops in the Donetsk region.

On September 10, Ukrainian troops entered there during a large-scale counteroffensive. The Russian army said it had withdrawn its troops from the city as a result of “regrouping”.

The Russians leave Izyum, Putin opens a Ferris wheel


The Russians leave Izyum, Putin opens a Ferris wheel

Earlier there were reports that Ukrainian troops had entered the city of Kupyansk

The capture of Izyum by Ukrainian units has probably worsened the ability of Russian forces to launch artillery strikes along the Izyum-Slavyansk highway. The Ukrainian General Staff noted that Russian forces did not launch artillery strikes in the direction of Slavyansk on September 12, possibly referring to settlements northwest of Slavyansk on the E40 highway.

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